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I love the Wine Society website, but


Well, not really, it just needs to be enforcable at the point of ordering (e.g. like Amazon). I do save the password but for a user experience, being redirected to the login page again while in the middle of doing something because I’ve stepped away for a bit is infuriating.


Well, I take your point. I will be in the office again tomorrow and will raise this, but the most effective means for any such query is to make it ‘official’ via Member Services and they will pass this on and you can be sure to get a response



Hi, I love your website, I consider it one of the best online wine retailer website. It’s sleek, fast, easy to understand, responsive. It allows to sort and filter almost any characteristic. There’s a thing which is missing and that I’d love: sort by vintage, ascending and descending obviously. You’ve got a filter for it, I guess adding a sort by vintage should be fairly easy.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


A good question.

We actually have a thread about ideas and suggestions for the website. I will merge this idea into that one (hope you don’t mind) to keep them together and to encourage others to comment - and maybe you can comment on the ideas the others have made.

Thanks for the suggestion


It would be nice to be able to click on a grape/region/category from when you are on a page for an individual wine and have that take you straight to those search results.


You can ask user to ‘confirm password’ just before committing a purchase, that way you won’t have to depend on the shortness of the session


I would like the option to delete multiple wines from the wish list at the same time. I also want my wish list to auto update for new vintages.

Mysterious in-outs

What a good idea, an auto update with be useful…


As someone still getting to grips with these things, I would love to see a recommended drinking temperature added to the wine information. This is included in some of the descriptions, and I have found it really useful (e.g. with the Thymiopoulos Jeunes Vignes which really does need to be a bit cool), but I’d love to have there for everything.


When deleting an item from, say, page 3 of your wish list, the page refreshes back to page 1.

Setting the page view to 50 items - to avoid the problem above - doesn’t stick across successive log-ins.



I was screaming and swearing at the website trying to order a gift…

Earlier in this thread I posted that I got so frustrated trying to order Champagne & chocs gift that I gave up and went to Interflora whose site was clear, simple and quick…

So, I tried again, persisted, and after 3 or was it four attempts and lots of cursing the web page designers I finally managed do a new gift order.

First attempt. after composing gift message with a lot of thought I got called away. Came back and continued with order, got to the end, pressed buy button, and it wanted me to login again. Fair enough, security, could be someone else got to the computer… but why did it blank out all I had done, blank out the gift message, and make me start again from the beginning???

Second Attempt, After selecting address onsite from using postcode and putting name of recipient in address got to the end where it said postcode was invalid…

Third attempt. Address fields have limited number of characters, doesn’t tell you just wont take type
Phone field only allows 11 digits from start of field. Paste in a phone number that has blank at the beginning and field removes numbers from end without warning you. Theres no space to put extension when delivering to a business address


  1. The address page should show what the printed address label will look like
    1st line. Recipients name
    2nd line. recipients Job title --optional for when sending to business address
    3rd line. first line of address
    and rest of address

This seems to me a blindingly obvious way to do it. Amazon do it, Interflora do it, everyone else does it…

should be extra field for phone extension - optional
this is when delivering to office address reception, as there may be more than one employee with the same name

any field that has a limited number of characters should state the number of characters


Lets talk gifts.

Yes, you can order any wines as a gift, but gifts in a presentation box are thin, to whit:
1:Prosecco and chocs
2:Champagne and chocs
3:Bottle society White Burgundy & bottle claret
4: 3 bottles claret
also listed under gifts, but presentation box not stated are
5: 6 bottles claret
5: 12bottles claret

only one non-fizz white. Lots claret.

How about a mixed 6 gift pack? Say 3w/3r Society own labels?

seems to me TWS isn’t serious about the gift side, but its an avenue of presenting TWS quaity to non-members.

can’t type more with left hand…


Another consequence of the infuriating timed session method - I get this when doing EP orders as well and have to go through the whole thing again if I don’t do it all in one go. Password confirmation really needs to be at point of sale. The current design ignores UX for security but you can have both.



So I selectd my gift box (see above) would be delivered yesterday, Wednesday, by TWS own driver.

I got an email on Tuesday saying the box would be delivered the following day between 07:30 - 10:00 and
In the meantime you can track the progress of your delivery on-line as follows: with a link.

Well, another company recently used had tracking which showed the position of their van on a map with the number of drops before my delivery with an ETA updated every few minutes.

Not so TWS.
Wed morning, tracking showed DESPATCHED.
Wednesday at 17:00 tracking showed DESPATCHED
Today, Thursday, at 11:40 tracking says …DESPATCHED

IMO this is not tracking…


I’m not sure if it is just me but I find the ‘statement’ part of my account deeply confusing - and really hard to work out what I’ve spent, and how much will be taken from my account and when. And it often seems to be out of date by several days, even weeks. Not having a clear, up to date picture of what I owe the society, does make finances hard to manage. Anyone else have this problem? Is this something the society is aware of?

PS I pay most of my bills by direct debit which I think might contribute to this.


I don’t pay by DD, but entirely agree. Earlier this month I asked for a case which needed duty and VAT to be paid. I paid this (by credit card) and then ordered a few wines to collect When I ordered the extra wines, the payment for duty appeared as a credit in my account. I ignored this, but why?


I frequently have the same experience; I have sometimes paid down balances with a CC only to find the DD then being taken a few days later. I think it would make sense if there were two statements; one actual cashflows and the other account balance - that way future DD would be reflected in the balance view even if the cashflow had not yet occurred.


One problem we’ve had with ordering is that my wife isn’t a member, so it was not possible for her to order a gift for me secretly. It would show up on my account. she had to get a friend to order it and pay him back.


@Russ I find the same with Amazon prime, have to get friends to order “gifts” as it will show up on my account which the OH has access to … for obvious reasons…


@robert_mcintosh I’ve just come to this thread as I was searching the community trying to find if anyone had previously raised the issue of alerts for wines where stocks are low. For wines not previously tasted I often order single bottles in a mixed case, and then would like to go back and order a case of those I enjoyed most. Just recently I did this, but having enjoyed the single bottle I now find that the wine is out of stock. I’d definitely second the suggestion in this thread to add some form of alerts for members.

Would it be possible to get one of the website team to post an update on all the suggestions in this thread? Something along the lines of…

  1. Suggestion 1 - impossible because of xyz…
  2. Suggestion 2 - work in progress, expect a change soon
  3. Suggestion 3 - already done, see here…

That way it will avoid us all asking repeatedly for the same things, and go some way to managing expectations of this community :grinning:

Thanks in anticipation!