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I love the Wine Society website, but


I find the best solution to website difficulties is to use the live chat feature on the website.

Earlier today for example I might have got frustrated by the fact that it is not possible to select delivery to a bonded warehouse (or DP for that matter) from reserves; what I did though was to place an order for home delivery and then launch a live chat to get the order redirected. A simple, almost human solution.

I’ve used chats to change payment methods, delivery addresses, add extra things to existing orders, you name it…TWS service levels are amazing and any and every issue has been resolved quickly and easily.


Yes that bugs me too!!


Yes, probably so. I usually add stuff to my basket over weeks until I have enough to place to order. I’d forgotton I had anything in the basket.

But when I removed the old items from the basket, why did it empty the fields so I had to enter the message again?

On first go through it said there was no delivery cost but when it came to final screen and I realised there were extra bottles that took the order above £100 I assumed that was because it was more than the £75 needed for free delivery.

When reset to just the gift there was no mention that included delivery, it was valued under £75. If gift sets indeed do have free delivery then it would be a selling point for this to be clearly marked next to them on the webpage before placing order.

Who knows?? Why not one page for all the recipient’s details and one page for all ther sender’s details? That would be logical and understandable.

Yes, there are improvements that could be made, and it appears to me that this is the thread inviting suggestions for things that irritate and thus highlighting places where improvements could be made.

It’s now up to TWS web designers. I think the underlying problem is that TWS web site is not designed for gift deliveries and they are not a major part of TWS business.


I know there are ways round it but a ‘print’ option on individual recipes (like the melted cheese ones promoted today on Twitter) would be useful.


2nd that - The live chat is excellent for the more finicky things. The few occasions i’ve used it the service has been first rate!


I also agree, I use it to take away from or add to orders already submitted. I have only had good experience… maybe we need a separate thread in praise of the live chat!


A particular bugbear I have is that results are by default sorted by ‘Relevance’ - ie entirely randomly. This is common to many, many websites and I’ve never managed to understand why. Perhaps there’s an assumption that users expect ‘relevance’ because they have become Google-ised.

Results returned by price - high to low or preferably low to high - makes more sense to me, at least. (If somebody from the WS wants to tell me that there is a Google-like algorithm behind the search function which sorts my results according to my browsing and search history I am all ears…)

Also the site seems to remember my preferences - results down the page, not three across - for a while and then forget them. I haven’t managed to pinpoint where this happens.


That might result from your web security software periodically clearing your cookies, or you doing it?

I also prefer to sort by price ,ascending or descending depending if I’ve had a drink already :open_mouth:. However, once I’ve made the change on first visiting the site it does retain it across subsequent searches so I don’t find it much of an issue.

On many websites when it says “relevance” you can substitute “retailer promoted/overstocked”, simply a way to give certain products a nudge, although I doubt TWS employs that methodology.


Hi Colin. You can click on ‘relevance’ for a dropdown menu


The relevance is driven by the onsite search, in the back end it looks at the keyword searched for and then matched it up with the various different aspects of the products we have. Some aspects of the product (such as title and facet such as grape) are weighted higher than other keywords within say the product note or producer profile.

There is also ‘fuzzy logic’ in place which also finds keywords relating to the keyword which are not an exact match but close to. There are some instances where it would be easier to use the search filters on the left of the search where the relevance can bring back other options - such as Domaine Ginglinger when searching for ‘gin’ - but you can then easily filter down to spirits on the left if needed.

Your preferences are stored on the browser so should remember if you have sorted the search results by low to high or if you have selected the ‘list’ or ‘grid’ view.

Note - as rowley_brikin_II mentioned, some retailers will try and bump up certain wines to the top of the search results - this isn’t the case with us.

  1. Unit price is not shown in reserves - so tired of dividing by 12

  2. HTTP request not copied over login: you type a review, submit, session has timed out, you login, form data is lost

  3. No ‘remember me’ option - should allow cookies for authentication

  4. The default order ‘by relevance’ is useless: should be customisable, most people will probably want lo-to-hi

  5. Option to filter: e.g. I don’t want to scroll over wines half of which are ‘no longer available’

  6. Order by arrival, by drinking dates, by availability, by stars

  7. Show remaining stock for all wines - it makes it much easier to plan things ahead

  8. Exclude ‘all from year’ or ‘all from chateau’, ‘all from region’ etc

  9. Member reviews takes too many clicks to get to

  10. EP offers & most importantly dates are hidden so deep I break my wrist & my cordless mouse to find them each time

  11. Sometimes wines are shown as ‘no longer available’ in reserves, but are perfectly available in ‘buy wine’ pages

  12. Sometimes ‘wine x’ is shown as sold out & ‘wine x’ with identical name, year & price is shown next to it as available

  13. Cant merge wines from reserves & wines from ‘buy wine’ into one delivery - does it really have to be 2 separate deliveries each time?

  14. When new wine appears, I don’t know about it. I should have configurable alerts like ‘any X from year Y’ email in real time

  15. No option ‘exclude the 1989 style printed payment forms from my mailing’

  16. Current total market value of reserves ‘portfolio’ would be great & highly useful

  17. Current trends would be useful - growth by members, sales, stock etc

  18. Include historical info - the fact that Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle was a member of TWS I had to get from Wikipedia, not from ‘about us’

  19. Too much admiration & flattery to certain affiliated producers such as AG & JPM - let buyers form their own opinion

  20. Not enough information about forthcoming wines: once or twice I see ‘prebook now’, but surely there is a lot more we can benefit from knowing, in order to plan purchases

  21. Basket should show to total number of bottles: surely it must be technologically possible? Currently after each click I have to open basket & multiply by 1, 6 or 12 to make sure I get 2 cases in total

  22. Packaging should be flat like Pallette Rouge, 6 bottles in horizontal position or 2 layers of 6 like Ch De Coulrat, it makes it easier not only to carry boxes upstairs but also to get rid of empty boxes

  23. Van should ask if I have any boxes to recycle - surely l’ll have quite a few from last month, this saves me from jumping on empty boxes to make them flat enough to fit into rubbish container

  24. Delivery invoices or slips are inconvenient for writing notes on - not enough space between the lines

Otherwise it’s all very good.


Who are they? It is a great list by the way.


Alfred Gratien and Jean-Pierre Moueix?

I agree, good list!


“Van should ask if I have any boxes to recycle - surely l’ll have quite a few from last month,”

shurely shome mishtake…


Well I keep empty boxes until they fill up the entire content of my tiny ‘cold’ back room where I store wine, luggage to be used once a year in the summer, dysfunctional dyson hoover & a case with a 2k worth of a real Rickenbacher bass guitar I bought a few years ago but never bothered to learn how to play the bass guitar, so it’s just taking up space.

So it’s more like a quarterly collection of boxes.


Surely such a thing does not exist…


Well maybe it’s not dyson but tyson hoover, I can’t remember. It only distributes dust more evenly, from my observations, instead of reducing it, so I have stopped using it.


Hi Alexandra - great list, and colleagues will pick up on and act on these as and when practicable. I can answer five of these straight off:

If this is en primeur, our system is currently by the case, rather than by the bottle. May be ‘developable’ in the future.

If you click on ‘by relevance’, there is a drop down menu of lo-hi, hi-lo, A-z, z-a

The left-hand side search filter has this option

Again, filterable. Availability , see above. Drink dates, see below. Arrival & stars - not yet.

FIlterable, although you can filter in, rather than out

This is being worked on at the moment

Click on ‘Fine Wine’ on the home page, and then ‘En Primeur’

Not sure what you mean - reserves are personal to an individual member who has bought those wines, whereas ‘buy wine’ is for general consumption.

This only occurs if we have two batches of the same wine, one in 6-packs and one in 12-packs, which therefore have separate product codes.

We can understand the curiosity value of this, but there are apps for working out market value - as we sell wines to be drunk, rather than invested in, it’s not something we’re likely to develop any time soon.

This is a service we offer, if it’s a Society van delivery. Simply hand them over to the driver when s/he calls.

Hope that helps.


Thanks @Ewan I almost never have the pleasure to meet the society van driver as practically all my deliveries have to take place on Saturdays when I am at home. But it’s good to know


I hadn’t realised that the member’s reviews section had been extended to show the latest 60 or so. Long overdue and very helpful.