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I love the Wine Society website, but


Ah, ok - thanks very much! I was just having a browse to see what the oldest red I could afford on my modest budget was, and hence the broad selection.


It would seem that the ‘year 0’ wine is coming up as the Nuy red Muskadel which I believe is non vintage which I think is why the system is showing wines from 0 - the filters on the left are dynamic and change depending on what the selection of products include. Looking at the Champagne and sparkling product list its also showing ‘year 0’ wines which would be non vintage Champagnes etc.

Looking at the reds it would seem that a 1985 La Rioja Alta 904 Gran Reserva is one of the oldest (I think we still have a 1967 Taylors port, 1972 Grahams port and 1969 Rivesaltes as well), the oldest whites would probably be the 1924 Vouvray le Haut Lieu Moelleux.

If you are looking for a specific date, check out the anniversary wines below:


I’ve noticed that this thread also helps resolve user issues - perhaps this is one that someone has an answer for - otherwise its a gripe…

When buying mixed cases, I find that once they have sold out, when I search my wines on the website it’s no longer possible to see what the per bottle price was for individual components of that mixed case.

In general I find it very hard to find out what was the price or the drinking window retrospectively for an item no longer available. Are there hidden shortcuts someone can share?


I agree it would be useful to be able to discover the price paid per bottle in a sold out mixed case.

Drinking windows can be discovered using the ‘download wine notes pdf’ button which remains even on out-of-stock wines.


You kindly ask are there any other improvements to your website - Yes, please.

  1. Sometimes cant insert quantity of bottles needed; have to submit zero, and then respond to error message.
  2. System suggests delivery date, and gives list of other dates available, but I dont know how to select a particular other date.


I would absolutely love it if the quantities defaulted to 1 bottle/1 case, or if you would like to retain the current functionality, to not have it produce a javascript alert when you try to add to cart without entering a quantity, perhaps instead via a dynamic in-line alert/validation error as is common elsewhere.

Also, I too have no use for the big mailings - I interact with TWS almost entirely through this website. The new offers are interesting to page through, but I do feel like the full catalogues and order forms are a waste of paper and feel guilty when I receive them. I would be very happy with an equivalent digital newsletter/offers.


Because I don’t really have adequate cellaring facilities at home, I like to put together mixed cases for storage in Members’ Reserves, which can all be drunk within, say, 6 months after withdrawal. It would helpful if I could view wines on my wishlist by “drink by” date. At the moment, I have to view individual wines and manually note drinking windows. Or can the drinking window be shown in the wines’ wishlist summary?


@BertieG23 Thanks for the feedback with regard to the ‘Vintage’ slider in the faceted search panel. The same was true for the ‘Drink Start’ and ‘Drink End’ date sliders. These have all been modified to use the lowest date in the range, therefore searching should be improved for your particular use case.


Absolutely agree with previous comments about stock level notifications, alerts, and sold-out wines being marked as sold out rather than vanishing. I think someone has also mentioned the possibility of being able to trade in-bond reserves with other members. Additionally, I’d love to see greater quoting of critics’ scores and comments on fine wines, which Farr currently do well - not because I use scores as a guide to the wine, necessarily - or only a couple of them - but because if I’m really splashing out on a wine, particularly en-primeur, it’s good to know if it’ll hold its value.


I use the “recently ordered wines” function a lot (like many, we have 4 or 5 persistent favourites we re-order as well as new stuff to try) but it is mildly maddening.

After you navigate to the wine you want > click through to it > add bottles to basket, you cant go back to the previously ordered page again to order more favourites. Using the back button removes the wines added to the basket. Continue shopping button lands you into the main site and out of the previously ordered section.

Very unscientific survey of friends suggests that the previous ordered section is much used by them too, so I cant be alone in getting annoyed by this small but irksome navigational issue?

Otherwise love the new site and your digital generally, keep it up!


I’ve been frustrated for some time at the minimum reserves withdrawal policy i.e. 12 bottles and up to 4 different wines…

I’d like to withdraw 6 bottles and not be limited by how various these would be.

I emailed some time back saying I’d be happy to pay extra for this service but it seems to no avail.

As a consequence I’ve started to withdraw wines to another storage warehouse from where I can withdraw any number of bottles in any quantity I like. (if anyone is interested I can elaborate).

The slightly irritating thing about the website is that it will not allow me to select the warehouse address (which I’ve saved to my addresses) as the recipient of the reserves order. I have to email or chat online to request this. Its not a tragedy, but I can’t think why this need be the case.

Of course the best solution would be a more wholesale change in reserves withdrawal policy (at a sensible price of course).

On a related note, and as I’ve mentioned briefly here before, and in the light of some comments in another thread on cellar tracker functionality, the reserves pages would greatly benefit from the kind of enhanced functionality to be found in cellar tracker…


I’d like to see wishlist editing become a bit easier. When the list refreshes it always default to page 1/showing ten results, even if you were on page 10 or showing 50 results. If you’re taking several off then it’s frustrating to say the least


Absolutely agree with the comments here, particularly regarding low stock information or alerts. I am sure many people would stock on a particular wine or vintage if they knew it was about to run out of stock and it seems like it would be a useful addition to the website if there was a way to know in advance so Members could place a final order (it might also help clear the decks of wine quickly of wine with low stock left whilst also selling at the regular price - a win win for the Society).

Even if a notification system was not able to be implemented (something along the lines of any wine listed in a Member’s wish list that they receive an email if the wine is low in stock) is the website not able to simply list how many bottles are currently in inventory? I assume the Society knows exactly how many bottles they have of each wine so allowing this information to be showed on the product page would at least be a low tech solution to the problem of wines selling out.

Another useful addition would be a way to see which wines are popular for each specific day or month. Perhaps this would be a fairly static list but it would be interesting to see.

The degree of complexity for implementing these types of ideas will of course determine if they happen but as a matter of policy I don’t think that the Society should be afraid of releasing as much raw data as possible to Members.

Also agree regarding the mailings. I would personally be happy to receive these as PDFs attached to an email in an effort to save the Society postage fees and also reduce paper wastage.


I agree entirely with Mark Harrison but I think he has been a little too kind because the Wine Society itself is surely missing a trick here, apart from inconvenience caused to members.

When a wine becomes unavailable for any reason - but especially when it is simply a vintage change - why doesn’t the website suggest the most obvious alternative wine to order (eg the new vintage), instead of confronting the user with a DEAD END negative message? This latter approach is a waste when there is an open opportunity for WS to up-sell another wine and secure another order.

Connected to is what I’d call negative management of members’ wish lists. I notice that when a wish-list wine becomes unavailable (probably, again, because of a vintage change), the Society’s system automatically deletes it from the wish list, instead of flagging up an alert along the lines of “Why not try the new vintage, wine no XXxxx” or “This wine is no longer stocked but we suggest XXxxx as a very good alternative”

Just a little imagination is required to turn something negative into a positive.


On the wish list I’d like more than one. Perhaps more than one “basket”. At this time of year I’m buying for business contacts, myself and family. Bloody difficult to keep track of which wine I’m thought of for what person.


One tiny bugbear - when browsing the catalogue online there’s a link underneath each wine for the reviews. However when you click on it you’re just sent to the main page for the wine, and then have to click again to get to the reviews. A very minor thing, but slightly annoying!


That has indeed been registered here on previous occasions, and is in the queue for amendment.


The number of wine per page is reset to 15 when you return to the page, very annoying.

Also had problems with deleting wines from my basket, when I go away then back they’re there again. Had to press refresh page after deleting.



I gave up on ordering a gift set - Society Champagne and Chocolates (£49.50) because after the tediousness of filling in infornation including message.


Gift Message
Sender’s name (as you would like it to appear on the label)
Your personal gift message (don’t forget to say who this gift is from).

If my name is on Senders Name why must I not forget by saying who its from?? Do they mean recipients name? (no they don’t since recipients name is asked for later)

so after it all, when it came to pay it turned out that I had a couple of bottles already in my basket from some time ago, and now TWS was going to send as a gift as well.

OK, so I remove those bottles back to the wish list.
and I have to go back to the start with the gift information, including writing the message again…

And does the gift package include delivery or not? Doesn’t say


Sorry, I ordered from Interflora, Champagne, Chocolates and a baby rose bush in a wicker basket for £52 (before 15% discount)

I wanted to use TWS but too cumbersome


In fairness, I think most online retailers would give you the same problem if you failed to clear your basked before trying to place an order. Even Amazon do not have the option of splitting a basket between multiple delivery addresses.

The delivery cost is revealed within about 30 seconds by just progressing an order for this item to checkout (there is no delivery cost).

I assume the sender’s name appears on the packaging label as well as the gift note which seems sensible enough.

There are always improvements that could be made but I think you’re being a little harsh here.