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I love the Wine Society website, but

Ah very good. I am always looking at the site on my phone. Thanks

I just noticed that the direct link to the Community, on the main Wine Society site, seems to have now disappeared completely. It is possible to access it by entering ‘Community’ in the main search bar but even then, you need to know what you are looking for. I was trying to assist somebody on another site, who missed out on the recent Felton Road offer. @laura, can you shed any light on this?

I just looked and found it, bottom left. Seems to work.

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Strange but not showing up on my main page.

Odd. There is an additional column on the left of my screen with ‘quick order’ (I don’t know what that is) and ‘community’. It shows on Firefox, Chrome, and Edge.

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I am using Chrome and recently cleaned up my computer, so maybe this has something to do with it. Maybe, there has been a recent update to the main site.

Yes, “Community” shows for me too.
The phones appear to be down though, when you call you just get a solid error beep!
EDIT - might be me - landline won’t connect but my mobile did!

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I agree with this post.

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Strange you are also missing the Facebook, twitter etc. icons (not that I use them anyway!)

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Thanks for highlighting this. I have realised that I had Ad-blocker running and after deactivating it, it now shows the Community and social media icons. Not sure why but at least, this appears to be the solution.


I wonder if they are interpreted as adverts because they link outside the main domain (community.thewinesociety rather than www.thewinesociety is technically a different domain).

Edit: actually, no, that doesn’t work as the quick order link is still the same domain???

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I have been a member for many many years and really love the whole concept, but good god the website is agonisingly slow and has always been so. (maybe gotten worse) I can feel myself aging just trying to click between account links.
Anyone else who agrees please remark so that it can get upgraded!


Apart from loading “My Wines” (it is a large file!) I’ve never really had a problem with speed. But take heart! A new website will be up and running very soon.



As @CCouzens says.

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I agree, at least when trying to go to ‘my account’. It is not slow in loading the general list, but there is almost always a wait to load my account, whether as the first page or from within the site.

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Yes it’s rather peculiar the way that seems to be the one really slow link; actually entering your account. Once there all seems to work fine but actually going to My Account, even if I’m already logged in, is always strikingly slow. Odd, but liveable with and, yes, hopefully the new the new website will cure all our woes (though I do worry I might be building myself up for a major disappointment! :rofl: )