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I love the Wine Society website, but

Yes if they put it into the description then it stays there, but in that particular case they haven’t half reduced the closing window date in the details!

It might well be me, but I’m sure that ‘orders in progress’ used to show the chosen delivery date when you looked at the order through ‘Order History’ and it no longer seems to be there. Any ideas?

It only shows it in ‘order tracking’.

Just checked the order I placed at lunchtime and it’s not showing anywhere, in Order History or Order Tracking. A useful feature that seems to have disappeared?

Order tracking will have it, just not obvious it is the delivery date… might have the letters DEK preceding it.

Agreed it could be better.

That happened to me once.

I am now sure what I thought was the confirmation screen in the ordering process turned out to be a summary of the order that requried a confirmatory click. So the order was not placed. Could it be the same with you?

From memory, the purpose of the order summary screen is rather ambiguous if you do not scroll down to reveal the button you need to click.


I seen on some wine retail websites a Vivino plugin that pulls and displays the Aggregated wine score and no of reviewers. Not sure how difficult it would be to implement this, but would be helpful and more powerful than current star reviews due to latge number of contributors.

Just a suggestion!



Really good suggestion @pred02! I’m going to merge this with our ‘I love the Wine Society website, but…’ topic because it’s a great collection of suggestions like these, and our web team have been perusing them while we plan our brand new website… :slight_smile:

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Cellartracker, too!


I think cellar tracker would be far more interesting that having a vivino plug in, purely because the demographics of users are quite different. You are far more likely in my opinion to get a clearer and accurate idea about a wine from a cellartracker reviewer than one from vivino.


Spot on Leah. Always exceptions, but the range of reviews on Cellartracker is wider, and IMO more accurate too.


I looked without success for the PDF of Society News

It surely used o be on the site, but where is it hidden away now?

I think some items appear under the ‘Discovery’ heading now, but it is not presented as a News Letter format:

Also, it only seems to include some of the Society News items, not all - so yes, confusing! :thinking:


this link should find it.



This is news from 2 years ago, though…?

ah yes…sorry!

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This may have already been mentioned but expanding the Bestselling Wines list beyond the current top 10 would be good. Currently it is dominated by Society bottles which makes sense but it seems to be fairly static.

Splitting it into categorises would help, £5-10 bottles, £10-£15 bottles, White Wine, Red Wine, top Australia wine etc. The Society has all this information and perhaps all of those ideas would be OTT a few more categories would be of interest.

Perhaps even a post-mortem after the tasting events would be of interest, both to Members who attended and those who did not. We’ve just had the new list event, held in several locations - which of those wines featured received the most orders for example. Sales volume is not everything but assuming we broadly rate the knowledge of taste of Members it can be a useful criteria in assessing which wines to purchase. A wine at a tasting event which sales went up 200% might clearly be of more interest than a wine at a tasting event which went up 20%.

Also speaking of the tasting events, how about a QR code for each wine on the booklet that will take you directly to the applicable listing on the website?


So, from @mikerj 's link we see that all Society News magazines were archived on the site from 2006. After the issue of February 2018 the practise stopped. Why? A sad loss.

I was ordering wine and I recalled an article about Langhe Nebbiolo with an offer for a discount on one particular bottle, but when I looked online at the two Langhe Nebbiolo neither mentioned they were discounted.

So I assumed I’d missed the offer. Lucky I discovered the paper issue of Society News I had put ‘in a safe place’ and which Mrs M had later ‘tidied away’ and saw the offer price £12.95 on Rizzi is good till 1 March so I ordered a bottle.

Incidentally, is says £12.95 is good for one bottle per member only, but online you can get up to 11 bottles at this price - ordering12 bottles converts to the higher case price.

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Seems odd on several counts not to archive these online. Saves keeping paper copies which my wife will throw out if she finds them.

Old EP offers are archived, so that one can check drinking windows (and also see if the original note bears resemblance to reality!).