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I love the Wine Society website, but


I read that as the first means the wine is listed, but there’s none currently available but it will be restocked, and the second that the wine will not be restocked, e.g. its no longer listed or it was a once only offer that has sold out.


I’ve often thought that might be the case, in which case it would be nice if TWS could make that a little clearer, however I’m pretty sure, but couldn’t swear to it, that I’ve seen both variations reappear on the site. And I’ve definitely seen the more common one, where a wine just disappears with no comments following searches, reappearing on the list.

Regardless I just feel this should be made clearer. On searching I’d like to get clear results:
In stock.
Not stocked not planned.
Out of stock not planned.
Out of stock planned restock.
Something like that would make life much clearer.

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For “Mice” users, :desktop_computer: not :mouse: .

Everyone else probably knows this, but…

…whilst converting my Wish List into a Basket I discovered I can simply click on the quantity window and use the mouse scroll wheel to adjust the quantity desired. Now I can complete an order, one handed, without recourse to using a keyboard :musical_keyboard:.



No doubt this is important due to the other hand being occupied with holding a glass of wine ;):rofl:


If I turned my wish list into a basket, I’d be in awful trouble. I’d like to see an option for more than one wish list (Amazon-style).


You and me both!


I’d quite like to see some form of ‘alert’ on the main site, similar to the green or blue notification symbols we get on here. So for example if an en primeur order has been allocated to you, or arrived in stock, or there’s an issue with your order etc, there’ll be an indicator once you’ve logged in to alert you to it.


As with any online site, the discovery of new products is always an issue.

The Society already does a good job on this, regular features, press and member reviews. The bestsellers list can be helpful it is often dominated by the same few wines and they are often, for obvious reasons, quite mainstream wines.

It would be good to see if we could copy Amzaon’s Movers and Shakers approach and show wines which have had spikes of interest - be it from a tasting, a press review or anything else. This wouldn’t replace bestsellers but would be another way to view wines which have had some purchasing movement on them.


Interesting. I have never seen that before. I for one would like a “trending” list on the website. The algorithm isn’t that difficult to work out, either.


Yep, essentially this is all Amazon’s movers and shakers is. It just might be a bit more interesting than the bestsellers list which might miss a new wine which has been well received, or a wine that has got some press attention or even a wine that proved popular at a Society wine tasting.

We may not be able to really keep a good updated list every 24 hours but an update every week showing the biggest sale risers in the last 7 days would be interesting.


great idea but would it be classified as commercially sensitive information ?

Amazon are just so big and people are happy to “click to buy” but is TWS in that position ?


Well, there are no legal concerns with publicising and promoting this type of data. It is just providing anonymous sales trends, rather than Product X has been purchased by Persons A, B and C.

Whether the Wine Society sees the information as commercially sensitive is another matter but it is just another form of a best sellers list, except instead of simply listing the wines which sold the most you are listing the wines which increased their sales the most in any given time frame. It would arguably allow the inclusion of smaller wines that will never have the sales volume of things like Society bottles but might experience some rapid sales increase after a tasting, or Society promotion or external press.


More than one wish list and possibly basket would be very useful, especially at this time of year. I gift wine through my business and buy personally. It would be very very useful to run these together. At the moment it’s a real pain in the a***


So here’s a really simple one I’d love to see:

In the drinking window can’t we get rid of the ‘now’ to x? If for example you have a wine with the drinking window given as “now to 2021” It could be a wine right in the middle sweet point of a short window or a wine with a long window that’s in it’s last gasps of good drinking.

I know advised drinking windows are by their very nature subjective but showing the original start date gives a prospective buyer some indication whether it’s just into, well into or heading towards the end of its drinking window.

And I think most of us are capable of figuring out that a start date of 2018 means it is drinking now!


I’ve often wondered about “now”, and when “now” started! A bit like “from purchase” as nobody knows when you will buy something.


This and other queries on the tasting notes could be solved with a simple ‘last updated’ stamp on the page.


But that assumes that they update the page when it becomes ‘now’ and never update again later. Also I’d bet they don’t update it anyway, I’d put money on there being a little algorithm along the lines of “if start <= now then display ‘now’ else display start”


There seems no reason why this cannot be done and indeed the full drinking window is shown with wine in reserves. TWS do seem to update the window occasionally and give more information (see example below) but it does not seem to be systematic.