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I love the Wine Society website, but


In my experience, this situation happens every year.
There is always a dead zone between the time the offer ends and when they update the “Previous Offer Notes.” The Rhone EP offer normally has the relevant PDF to the remaining stocks at the top of the list. That is why I called for the Rhone List pdf policy to be extended to all other stock lists.
Not everybody will follow up their intention to buy with a call or email to the Society to be sent the PDF that they wish to see. They might just forget or give up!!:open_mouth:
And to make it worse, I searched through my emails to find the original email offer last Spring but when I tried to download it, it was not available.:open_mouth::open_mouth:


On entering new card details, one must select the card type from a drop-down list. Missing it and continuing sends you back to the top to correct it.
Being returned for corrections is all good, of course, but I’m not sure why this question exists at all - the card type is coded in to the card number itself (the first digit, or two, of your card number denotes the type of card), so there’s no need to ask for it to be defined separately. It’s a small thing, but TWS could eliminate this query and it would make things just a tiny bit quicker and less annoying!


Our credit card gateway provider (Sagepay) also ask you to choose the card type. And whilst I do understand that the type is encoded into the first four, I think, digits and that it is not too hard to find out what that encoding is, I wonder if choosing the correct card type might be one more (minor) element in their fairly extensive security checks.


It’s Sods Law!!:open_mouth::wink::wink:
I’ve had any number of packages from the Society of late.
One has gone missing , which is frustrating but not the end of the World.
TWS know “where” it dropped off the radar, which is terrific for us members as the carriers will have to pick up the cost. Irritating for me, but that’s life.:wink:


It’s a good thought, but I’ll take some convincing it’s anything to do with security. Security begins with validating the card number (the last digit is a checksum digit), with the CVV, and with some form of postcode / house number matching. Asking the customer to put in the card type is a strange step, and may as well be “select the first digit(s) of your card number” (51 for Mastercard, 4 for VISA, 34 or 37 for American Express, etc.), before then asking them to type it in - it’s an unnecessary duplication which doesn’t help avoid mistakes (as it would for entering your email address twice), because the card number has an in-built validation check courtesy of the check digit at the end anyway.


For people with multiple cards its a failsafe if - for example - you intend to use your Mastercard and the site has your Visa number stored


Hi Peter - I don’t mean the payment area where you might choose a stored card - this is a field present as part of the requirements to enter a new set of card details. Since you have to enter the entire number (and so on), the selection of type is unnecessary, as the number enters gives the type inherently.


I would like to filter by 3,6,12 bottle cases.


Why is there such a delay in wines being places in reserves. I ordered wine on 4th December 2018 to be placed in reserves, it appears that this has not yet been done. When I ordered the wine it was in stock, a few days later it was out of stock. I asked the question on chat if my order to be placed in reserves would be taken from the original stock, a wine I had tasted. I was assured this was the case, but the delay is making me a bit suspicious. I ordered more wine 14th December for reserves and I have the same issue with that. Has anyone had a similar experience, or know why there is such a delay?


Yes, most of my reserves orders took much longer than normal on November and December. The good news is that eventually everything appeared.


Currently TWS list the dominant grape and occasionally in the description mention one or more of the other grapes in the blend but this is neither consistent or always complete. It would be good if all wines had the blend detailed; grapes and percentages.


I cannot easily find the excellent food and wine matcher, I end up going to the bottom of the page for the guides section. Is there an easier way?


Absolutely! The Food & Wine Matcher currently resides under the ‘Inspiration’ section of our new ‘Discovery’ pages - a screengrab of how to find it on desktop is below; if on mobile then select ‘Discovery’ from the main menu then ‘Inspiration’:

Hope of help


There is also an attribute you can search on for food and wine matching on the left side of the product list pages a bit further down that you can select a dish you are looking to pair with - also has the added benefit of being able to add additional search filters as well.


I love how randomly specific that is. Mushroom linguine - not farfalle, nor spaghetti, and heaven forfend you use penne, no, only wines that match with linguine.


Anyone else had a lot of this on the Community site over the last couple of days…?



I don’t know if anyone has, but I haven’t

Looks like it could be a momentary interruption in your internet connection


Could be. I shrug it off if it happens just the once, but it’s been about half a dozen times this past 48 hours or so, which made me wonder if it wasn’t just me. Ah well.


No but I have seen it a few times on other sites and our broadband has been a bit ‘intermittent ‘ over the last few days.


I’ve had no network issues. Only problem I’ve had was the TWS failure to do its funky linking thing to give a nice summary box when linking to a product page (or whatever).