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I love the Wine Society website, but


Don’t get me wrong: the Wine Society web site is great. It has an attractive, easy to use format, and buying wine from it is very straightforward. But one thing really bugs me. When you search for a favourite wine that happens now to be out of stock, you get a blank ‘not found’ return as if you are an idiot to think such a wine ever existed.

Wouldn’t it be great if the search acknowledged this to be a wine the Society used to have. It could report when it was last in stock - and whether it might be in stock again one day. And then - imagine! - if it comes back into stock you could receive an alert. There are some wines I would instantly buy cases of if knew they had returned.

If a bit of Artificial Intelligence was applied to the website the Society could even notice my favourites from my buying habits, and let me know, unprompted, when they had returned to the list.

Am I alone in seeing this as the #1 missing feature of the site?

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What would help you buy more and better wine on the TWS website?
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We want alerts!

In a similar vein, I’d also value a link to new wines - the existing new wines category is updated periodically (I’m sure someone in this community can explain exactly what the principle is). What I’d like is to be told what is new since my last visit to the site.

I also still don’t get why stock levels need to be suppressed. I definitely buy wine if I think it’s running out!


An indication of stock levels is a brilliant idea. It is perfectly normal on other retail sites - and even other wine sites. I too would buy sooner if I knew stocks were low.


Indication of stock levels would be brilliant. I tend to build my orders by adding things to my basket as I see good reviews, but sometimes find that when I’m ready to check out one or two bottles might be out of stock - on occasion permanently. If I knew they were low on stock I might have pushed the order through earlier.

Completely agree with @cgoldin about the New Wines category too!


Excellent suggestions. I will make sure these are passed on to the right people to review. I’m pretty sure things are being looked at, but always great to hear what you would value most.

Are there other aspects of the site that you would add / change / remove?


Related to new wines being flagged - it would be very helpful if newly discounted wines were also flagged in some way; looking today at the bin ends page, there 100+ items on there (!); hard to tell what has been recently added; perhaps the simplest thing would be for us to be able to sort those pages by recently added?


In fact, our website guys have seen these helpful ideas and they’ll be posting some thoughts and responses here shortly! :grinning: This is a great topic for The Community - great shout, @Markharrison252!


Much better than other Wine Buying websites, but I’d agree with the points made above. Some sort of low stock flag would be very useful. Also some wines that are out of stock seem to stay on the page for ages, don’t see the point in this unless more stock is on the way.

New wines also turn up in the Nation/Region sections without appearing in the New Wine section, which means that you can miss them if you don’t trawl through the sections. I appreciate with well over 1000 wines at any time its going to be hard for the website to be fault free.


To repeat what I’ve suggested on another thread, extend the Member-Reviewed section.

Unless you visit it very regularly you miss reviews since they turn over so quickly.

For me it is a valuable source of information about new wines to try.


Big ol’ thumbs up to this thread! Thank you all for your suggestions and feedback, and keep them coming. We’ll do our best to respond to each one individually, but by all means continue to ‘like’ and comment on suggestions and issues raised by other members. The website is an ever-evolving service and the more member input we have, the better.


This is a fantastic suggestion and something we are looking into improving - particularly what you see when a ‘product is no longer available’. There are many occasions when a wine is sold out and we’ve moved onto a new vintage or we could recommend a similar alternative wine. Watch this space.

We also love the ‘alert me when’ feature, but it’s proved to be a bit more tricky to implement than we had hoped. One of our goals is to personalise the site and provide the most relevant information at the most relevant time. Your idea is a great example of a way we could do this. Quick question for you (and other members), would you want to be notified if we’ve moved onto a new vintage of your ‘favourited’ wines?


The existing new wines category features wines that are new to our list. We update the wines featured when we publish each list or when we add a wine that we’ve not previously sold (including previous vintages). I really like your idea though to only show wines that are new to the site since your last visit and will give it some more thought. This also ties into @NickFoster comment to house all new wines in one place. I’ll investigate.

I also find stock levels useful when browsing or debating on buying something, especially for a product like where things can change so significantly vintage to vintage. We recently changed the structure of some of our databases and will look at how to best provide this information in the future. Cheers @Markharrison252 @Bargainbob @NickFoster for expressing your interest as well!

Good idea. We’re looking at how to make viewing other members’ reviews easier and this is a great place to start.


yes but I’m not aware favourites feature exists - or could be based on past purchases?


Yes, being told of new vintages would be good. Problem with tying everything to favourites in current model is that you don’t necessarily know something is a favourite until you’ve tried it - by which time it has probably sold out and no longer comes up in the search. So the key for me is that search should include historic as well as current wines. Then one could favourite something retrospectively. That would make tying alerts to favourites more effective - and would also give the Society a sense of the demand.

Having said all this, in the new, machine learning, world, I shouldn’t need to tell you all my favourites: my buying patterns should reveal my favourites to your data engine. Equally, if I keep searching for certain wines or wine makers, it should be evident in the data that they interest me.

Of course, we’ll then grumble if prices go up as a result of you implementing all these advanced analytics :wink:


A brilliant point. My wife and I have to manually search through the wine society site one or twice a week to hunt out ‘secret’ new releases as the new wines section seems to be rarely up to date. I’m not sure why TWS does this but we’ve stumbled across some gems that got no publicity when added to the site!


As a matter of personal interest can you tell me how you go about this?


Sure - for example we’re liking our Italian wines recently so we click on Italy, refine the list to red wine and then literally just look through the entire list. At least a couple of times a month we’ll stumble across some new additions and sometimes you get real gems that will only be there for a few days before they disappear (low stock/limited parcels I assume?). It would be great to just view all wines added since last visit etc.


Wow, that is quite some visual memory you must have!


Ha yes - quite sad really. Pays off occasionally though!


I’ve also noticed interesting wines appear on the site and vanishing before I get round to my next order. Regularly scan favourite regions/countries for new exciting wines.