I don't like SPAM


Ive noticed lately that i’m getting emails almost everyday from TWS, it was fine before but its so often now that my email provider has started putting it in the spam folder.

Along with the brochures by post, I feel I’m bombarded, and its not helping my drinking habit. :laughing:

I like the odd email but this is getting silly, is there anything in my account settings to adjust how and what type of promotional emails I get? I don’t want to stop them altogether, just limit them.

As a member I don’t think it’s great to bombard someone with so much advertising, anyone for that matter.


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Afraid not, it is an all or nothing option

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Be grateful we’re only at the one-a-day time of year; it can and does get worse!

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You may be better off directing this to member services rather than on this community. They are more likely to pass on the feedback to the marketing team.




Couldn’t resist sorry


Bit of déjà-vu here. we went through all permutations of this here https://community.thewinesociety.com/t/daily-marketing-emails/13388

Maybe Monitors could merge the threads to avoid needless repetition ? (a common flaw of this forum, sadly)

Feel free to mute the thread :+1:


Rather than complaining, note that no matter how many times we say this, on no matter how many threads, nothing is done. It was being promised 4 years ago.

Apologies; but I wasn’t complaining at all - I was actually trying to be helpful as this is a popular topic and I thought it worth pointing out many of the previously proffered varied opinions on this topic were worthy of merging, re-visiting and also so that repetition could be avoided and / or those new to the topic had that broad swathe of opinion to reference. I have nothing against the topic at all (did I say that ?) so why would I want to mute it ?

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