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Hungarian wines

Good to see a Hungarian wine get an article in the current edition of the 1874 Magazine.


Nice nod to Back to the Future, hope it is not a copyright breach.

I suspect based on the description and experience with Furmint that this wine will have longevity well beyond the TWS drink by date.

Not sure how the £1 off your first bottle of this wine noted in 1874 applies as I could not make it work… @TeresaGirao


Tim Aitkin’s WOTW this week as well. I’d be keen to try it.


yes, but how to get the price down to 10.95 like the magazine says


The price shows as £10.95 on the website? Or am i missing something?


I think it is me. Funnily my basket still said 11.95, had to remove it and re-add.

Maybe a website glitch…who’d have thought :grinning:

You probably saw it days before it was advertised and the discount activated.

But now it’s just the price, not a discount any more. Does that make it less appealing to buy? :wink:

Another Furmint wine of the week. It’s clearly the Next Big Thing


Dry Furmint was probably the first really “decent” wine I started buying regularly back in my early wine days; Waitrose used to stock a really nice one at a really pretty cheap price back in the mid-90s, and I remember being transfixed as soon as I opened the first bottle. The depth of taste, the balance and that mineral thing really hit my spot.

Many more followed that year, as this was a time when our family was in high emotion & hardcore sociability mode with my dad dying with a brain tumour. I’d come back from my work in Seoul to stay here a while to be with him & them, and me & my GF at the time had various family & partners etc over at ours almost all the time for dinner & drinking & downtime etc. We were renting a strange place right in the middle-of-nowhere, spacious but simple, big kitchen, and with just a woodburner for heat, perfect for late noisy emotional nights - an intense time of our family lives that was, with some added fun as my mum & my step-mum were not, shall we say, well-inclined towards each other :rofl:

That Furmint - I can’t remember the specific winery - was with us all the time, and I have very happy and nostalgic memories of this grape. I still love it now, enjoy it often, and have several cases in reserves biding their time. An incredible & consistent VFM wine to my tastes & thinking, I must say.

I’m actually popping into HQ in Stevenage shortly this arvo to see if they’ve got any of the Marty McFly ones on the shelves, so I’ll keep a lookout for this one too; though both probably unlikely to be on display I’d imagine. I foresee an order or three coming on :~}


I’ve been really impressed with some of the Juhfarks being produced. The Smoky flinty tones would cost a serious amount more if the wine was French! Regrettably I slightly avoided Furmint when in Budapest, thinking that it was something that was available at home.




Well - both the Marty McFly and the Nyulászó are on the shelves at Stevenage, though one fewer of both now I dropped by :~}