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Hungarian wines

@horsleym One of #TWS online tastings a couple of years back had a lovely Juhfark from Somló made by Kolonics. Any more of it coming or other Juhfark?

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I have a case of 2018 in reserves which was released last year. It’s great with a few years bottle age, I hope they release more :+1:.

Good to know; I have some . TWS drinking window was 2020-24.

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Anyone received the email with the new wine yet ?

Apologies, I got the dates wrong… e-mails are heading out as we speak. I’ve not received mine yet so hopefully someone can post it here when it arrives as it has more information on the wine and where it comes from etc. The wine is below:


I know i’ll be chucking a case of 6 away in reserves for a few years and recommend you do the same.



Lovely thanks

Thank you for the advance notice; dry Furmints are one of my favourites and usually v.good QPR in my experience. Good to be seeing more of it in this country :~}

I got the email this afternoon. The header just says Chateau de Pitray 2017 and doesn’t mention the other wines featured. Here’s the bit about the Furmint:

Dorogi Testvérek Furmint, Tokaji 2016
‘Furmint is a grape that many wine lovers will know from its role in the great sweet wines of Tokaji. Dry furmint, however, has been making more of an impression in recent years… but finding a good example at a modest price can be tricky.’

That is what we thought until we offered our limited-edition ‘Bin Series’ Furmint, which was received so enthusiastically by members last year. I’m delighted to be offering a similar exclusive one-off parcel that shows off this grape’s outstanding credentials at a very keen price.

Buy now for £9.95

Low stock

This wine comes from István Dorogi, the cellar master at Szolo, a small, minimal-intervention winery that’s been a favourite for members over the last few years.

This is a really exciting find, but quantities are small, so don’t delay if you’d like to try it.

Matthew Horsley Matthew Horsley
Buyer for Hungary

Dorogi Testvérek Furmint, Tokaji 2016

Dorogi Testvérek Furmint, Tokaji 2016

Although still in its relative youth, this shows all the hallmarks of an outstanding dry Tokaji, revealing the spiced citrus and broad texture that comes from time in bottle. 50% of the wine was fermented in 500-litre oak barrels before the wine spent four months on its yeast lees to gain texture and mouthfeel. It’s delicious now, but it will develop and gain weight and complexity with more time in bottle.

Please note that due to this wine being originally destined for two seperate markets, half of the stock is bottled in riesling style bottles and half in Tokaji bottles.

Buy now for £9.95


Quantities are limited, so be sure to act quickly


Thank you for the alert. I had stopped reading when I got to the pictures of Ch Pitray.

My email followed on with a link to a Portuguese wine.

Me too! No information about a Furmint on my email.

Exciting! I wonder which one I’ll get (oops).

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Interesting! In my email the Furmint feature was straight after the Pitray one, then there were some personalised recommendations from the ‘What to Drink’ promotion.

I don’t think I’ve ever even bought Furmint from TWS - I’ve thought about it a few times, but not actually done it.

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Were they personalised? The first for me was one I have bought, so telling me to try it was a mistake (Austrian Roter Veltliner); the other two were a Rioja Crianza (I don’t like most crianzas and the only thing they could say in its favour was that it was a light bottle; nothing on the wine) and a Loire Gamay which doesn’t interest me. Were other recommendations different? Frankly, even Amazon’s recommendations are better.

This made me think they might have been personalised:

"Recommended for you

Based on the wines you’ve been enjoying, we thought the three highlights from ‘What to Drink’ below may be of interest."

But they clearly weren’t, as I got the same selection as you.

I still don’t understand why some folk didn’t get the Furmint feature though.

I had the same first two, neither of which I suspect will ever make it into my basket. My third was the Cote Roannaise from Domaine Serol, which has tempted me many times (I have a magnum purchased elsewhere in stores).

I’m not surprised Amazon recommendations are better, they invest millions into tracking and projecting customer behaviours.


Ah, I got the same suggestions and wondered if they were supposed to be personalised. Obviously not personalised or even very well aimed. Never mind.

It’s the same algorithm that recommends the £4,500 Hermitage when you’ve bought the £4.95 halves of society claret :smiley:

Seriously, I like the idea of this Furmint, but wouldn’t have thought about laying them down without reading it here. Thank you @horsleym. (And I want the Tokaji bottles!)

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Any plans for WS to offer the RTWC furmint again?

Maybe I should offer to head up the Society’s data science and analytics team. We then get back to the whole “IF member_name == strawpig THEN allocation = True” for the EP algorithm issue, but otherwise it could be a good idea.