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Hungarian wines

This might only be of interest to me, but decided to start a dedicated thread for Hungarian wines. At least those uninterested can ignore based on thread title.

Noticed a new Hungarian red on the list.

Kékfrankos (aka Blaufränkisch) is the main player in the blend, which includes Kadarka and some international varieties (Sagrantino!). Big typo in the wine name, not that anyone cares.

Fact sheet here.

Note the alcohol on this one.

I will flag any post that even hints at alliteration. :wink:


I have had Bikavér from Szekszárd before that had Sagrantino in the blend, so even though it is only 5% in this one I expect it to be noticeable. The grape I think is only planted in Szekszárd in Hungary and there exists (there is anecdotal evidence) a varietal Sagrantino bottled by Heimann, which I have been trying to seek out with no success. I digress, but Mr Heimann used to be the president of the Szekszárd Winemakers’ ‘Guild’ and is known to experiment with grape varieties. Had his Viognier in the summer and liked it very much.


Is Bikaver bull’s blood?

I know what you wanted to ask… yes.

It is a red blend made either in Eger or Szekszárd to strict (and different between the two) specification.


Sorry, wasn’t going for alliteration, honest



22 months in oak potentially puts me off, but they’re big I’d guess they’re pretty old? I should give it a go though. It’s very rare that I’ve not enjoyed Hungarian wine and I’m probably due a new TWS order soon.


new and used 5 hl oak barrels

Well spotted! I’ll get that changed asap. I originally bought this for our WWF subscription but happily had some left to offer up on the web - it’s a super savoury style and worth a try I think.

Great topic - I’ve been meaning to set up a new thread for ‘Furmint February’ but failed miserably.

Has anyone had any good furmint recently? Some may be happy to hear that we’ve got a new furmint being offered via e-mail on Monday next week. A similar small parcel to that of the Bin Series furmint that I really recommend people jump on and tuck away for a few years.


Thanks for the heads up!

I’m currently in playing a game of “drink or keep” with myself on the last of my Peter Wetzer furmint. I know the answer is keep, but that doesn’t mean that I will!


Just guessing…

Wondering if you will venture into single vineyard territory on Furmint like you did on Kékfrankos.

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I’ve also just picked up a bottle of this, for various obvious reasons. The Waitrose buyers seem to be lauding it, but I’m never 100% sure if that’s just because they’ve got a good deal on it.

‘Our survey says…Ehrgeehhhh’ (that sounded right in my head…). Although it is the same price :wink:

I have bought two single vineyard furmints which i’ll look to release later this year.


You say tuck away for a few years, but it’s got the standard (totally reasonable) conservative drinking window applied - 2 years.

The bin series Furmint had quite a few years behind it, do you think this wine will go beyond 2023 if left alone in a cool, dark place or should we wait for the the single vineyard Furmints later this year if we want to do a little ageing ourselves?

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I think Furmint can age well. I put a case of this one into reserves last year specifically to see how it develops over time…

It gets mixed reviews at the moment (including some comedic efforts that look like they were written whilst the alcohol was still very much in the veins!) - perhaps a bit of a marmite wine? Looking forward to trying one sometime.


I bought three bottles and have one left. I love it! I can very much see why some people don’t though.


Looking forward to a glimpse of the Király and Betsek vineyards.

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This isn’t the wine that is going out in the e-mail. The wine in the e-mail has a longer drink date and will be available on Monday.


Yeah its quite different from more conventionally made Furmints I’ve had. Enjoyed my single bottle, but I quite like some low intervention wines and some people clearly don’t

This for us tonight (and yay my first ever post!)


Forgive me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t this listed before ? A few years back ?