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Hungarian wine opportunity


I came across a fun competition with a great prize that actually might interest a few people here - seeing as we have a bit of a soft spot for this country.

You don’t need your own blog, so I would assume you could even post your thoughts on Hungarian wine here in the community and submit it.

Just thought it might be worth sharing. Good luck!


This might be a good opportunity to say that we absolutely loved the Juhfark last night! And thanks for your tip about not serving it too cold… it certainly made it so much more aromatic, and the flavour was more pronounced. The creamy texture was really appealing, and the sweetish citrus and floral notes, with the lively bitter finish made it moreish. Went very well with our chicken…! So nice to try something a bit different!


Please see our recent blog.



Thanks, @wineyg! It seems we enjoyed the wine more than you did. Though totally agree with your Meursault comment. It didn’t particularly remind me of it - not sure why this was suggested on the site. Still, it was a rather different wine, and was a very good match with what we ate, which made it even nicer. Agree with Richard that it was restrained - though for my palate this was a positive.