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Huge bargain! Mori Ezerjo Kamocsay 2015 (2017 vintage now in stock!)

The Thalasstisis Submerged is worth trying, a really good Santorini white:



Abrie Bruwer from Springfield Estate in South Africa was doing that back in 2000 (or so) if memory serves, so it is not really new - but hard to justify commercially.


So by the power of the community … I bring you #wineswap

With @ASmith .
We had a lovely coffee together and wine swap ! Thanks Mark :+1:


Amazing! Well done guys. @Leah that is impressive dedication to tracking down a £7.50 wine!


Lovely to see people coming together through the community (communities, since Mark has his own … which I’m helping with too)



This is amazing!! Well done @Leah and @ASmith - hope this is the first of many #wineswaps!


Great to meet you Leah and thank you for the marsannay rose - I’m very excited about drinking that.

There is something about swapping that makes it extra special - certainly more fun than buying! Maybe #wineswap has a future?

The power of community indeed - all made possible by this forum.


2017 of this wine now in stock. Still under a tenner, so on my wishlist! Hope there is a bit more this time…


Thanks so much, I’ve just put a case in reserves :+1:

I managed to pick up a case of the 2017 in the bin-ends - which was a surprise. Has anyone tasted it yet? I don’t see any notes here. Last time I seem to recall that the sales were driven by the excitement for it here in the community :slight_smile:


I have a case coming tomorrow, I’ll let you know :wink:!

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So I’ve opened this a couple of nights ago, like the 2015 very full bodied but with than little bit higher alcohol level which you do really notice. The acidity is there but not as racy as the 2015 which I think I preferred. This one also has a much deeper colour and concentration of flavours and appears much riper than 2015. There is a bitter pith taste on the finish and I cant help thinking this might be better in a year. However I still liked it :wink:.

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Thanks for the reminder. I opened one too. I did enjoy it, but like you I found it rounder than the last one. I would hazard a guess that there are some botrytised grapes in the mix from the colour and the depth of flavour, plus I seem to recall a bit of residual sugar.

A very interesting wine, but maybe a step in a different direction from the original, more taught version we all loved. However, I will not regret drinking the remaining 5 bottles I have with some richer meals :slight_smile:


Just had a bottle. Agree about the hint of botrytis and the richness. Sort of reminds me a little of Alsace Pinot Gris. Not as well balanced as the 2015, but lots of interest for (now) £8.50!

Without a doubt, was speaking to a friend the other day about it as he remembers selling a similar wine from a long time ago and that’s the phrase I used to describe it. :wink: