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Huge bargain! Mori Ezerjo Kamocsay 2015 (2017 vintage now in stock!)

Oh Nooooooo, I had it in my basket and never completed the order 2 nights ago due to an unexpected visitor!
It wasn’t Santa either …:persevere::persevere:


My order arrived this week. I agree, it IS delicious AND dangerously addictive. I sat to down to have one glass but had polished off half a bottle before I knew it. Thank you again @NickFoster for sharing your knowledge. I would never have found this wine without it - or this forum.


Noooooo!!! Sold out between joining and getting my login.
I just joined specifically to get some of this wine for my Hungarian father (Móri Ezerjó was his father’s favourite wine and this is the first time I’ve seen it in UK).
Having visited Hungary many times I can defiantly vouch that most of the very good Hungarian wines never gets to the UK. As @NickFoster notes some Juhfark would be good as would Hárslevelű both can produce some excellent wine and a good Tokaji Ó Furmint can be a fab wine.
I also agree the best Furmint does not get to the UK - Royal Tokaji’s Dry Furmint 2015 is not a patch on a good Furmint, closest thing I have had in the UK is a Patricius Tokaji Dry Furmint (2007, I think) but 2008 was not as good and I’ve not had any of the more resent vintages.


I think this thread has shown that there is an appetite for good Hungarian wine so hopefully this feedback will help as Freddy Bulmer take over the reigns as buyer for Easter European wines.

I’ve also noticed that some of the best Bulgarian wines are sold out, so we can try to make our case :slight_smile:


I drank this this weekend and am full of praise for it:


It isn’t cheap but is clearly a rarity. As Vincognito suggest it has a bit of everything going on.

I’m definitely on the lookout now for more Hungarian white blends.


Assuming that one of the elements driving the popularity of the Mori Ezerjo is the grape, has anyone tried these and what is the verdict?


These have intrigued me too, but did not get to buy. They also have a Gewürztraminer made in a dry style…

Will order some of these in the new year to try… or #TWSTaste perhaps @robert_mcintosh


I agree that the Móri Ezerjó is superb; I still have a couple of bottles left.

Also superb, IMO, is the Broadacre Herefordshire Ortega

– possibly one of the best STILL English wines I have ever tasted, and at a really great price!


Have tried the Society Slovenian white. Nice light and floral as one might expect, more suitable for summer drinking. Not as interesting as the Mori Ezerjo, but still a decent value and tasty wine.


I only bought one bottle - silly me. Can anyone please suggest something similar of the same quality and value they have enjoyed?


There are a few good suggestions above - would these be the kinds of wines you are thinking of?

Do you mean you want something else unusual, or just stylistically similar?

The Society’s Slovenian White is one of my fave discoveries of the year! I’ve had a few bottles already… It really is so fragrant and enchanting, really lovely to sip on long evenings of good conversation. :slight_smile: @CTurnbull - if you’re looking for one to try instead of the Mori, I really hope this will do the trick!

Haven’t tried the Sipon yet, might give it a go next!

Great, thank you very much Laura

Thanks Robert. The latter I think!

I really need to try this :+1:

My case coming this Friday… can’t wait.

What case? Did you find some more?

Well, I had enough wine at home at that point, so put a case in member’s reserves. That case.

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:woman_facepalming:t3::woman_facepalming:t3::woman_facepalming:t3::woman_facepalming:t3::woman_facepalming:t3::woman_facepalming:t3:Nooooo! Fancy Sharing ???

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Okay, I did not mean to rub this in… Will report back how I find it :wink: