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Huge bargain! Mori Ezerjo Kamocsay 2015 (2017 vintage now in stock!)



Wow! This is really rich and complex, tastes like a wine at twice the price. Typically Hungarian, better than a lot of dry Tokaji to be honest!

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I will definitely try this…the grape is unique to a very small region and Kamocsay is a good winemaker.


Never really been a fan of dry Tokaji, but not really that well tasted on Hungarian wines to be truthful.

I’ll look it out next time I visit the shop.


I am not convinced the best dry furmint makes it to these shores…


I absolutely doesn’t, we’re far too obsessed with France as the be-all-and-end-all of fine white wine. But it makes holidays in Hungary all the more pleasurable knowing the good stuff is out there and waiting… This Ezerjó sounds fantastic. Hope there’s some left!


Certainly understand that the best will sell out locally and I guess neighboring countries like Austria and Germany snap up a lot of the rest.

Lidl have some £19.99 Chateaux Dereszla Tokaji 6 Puttonyos 2007 at the moment. Which looks a good buy as well.


Thanks for the tip Nick. Added to my next order - can’t wait to try it.


I became curious so asked a colleague to look into this for me …

… and you might not be surprised to learn that the daily rate of sale of this wine has DOUBLED since this post.

Not many days of data and only about a single wine, but it is good to know that when someone discovers something outstanding - value, quality or story - then it influences the rest of us to take part and try it ourselves. It beautifully illustrates the trust in our fellow community members.

Do remember to post about your favourite wines, and to tag the post as #discovery so others can benefit too

(My 3 bottles of this wine arrive tomorrow, so I am as involved as anyone)


Hope others enjoy it as well. Looking forwards to the WS stocking more wines from Hungary and the rest of Eastern Europe, should be a growth area, especially as Eurozone wine is in my opinion set to get more and more expensive!


…and TWS most commandably kept it at the reduced price… I also bought some.


I have added this to my next order :slight_smile:


I’ve done it again! I opened my first bottle of this not long after receiving the order (I was rather excited to taste it). I loved it! So much so I completely forgot to write a tasting note for a review.

I told myself I wouldn’t let that happen the next time I opened one … then promptly did the same again (we were watching Strictly and got carried away). Luckily there was a glass or so left so I thought “I MUST taste that tomorrow and write the note” …

… then I got home the following evening and discovered that my wife had enjoyed it whilst preparing dinner that evening.

SO, two bottles down and no proper tasting note. I have 1 bottle left … It will NOT happen again!

What I will say is that it isn’t the easiest wine to classify. It is ripe and rounded, but still has a very bright acidity. It almost reminds me of a riper (but dry) style of Vouvray - you get similar honeyed roundness with that acidic tang, and those quince and apple flavours.

The description says “natural winemaking at its best” and I would agree that it is avery well made wine, but I have no idea quite how ‘natural’ this really is but I would be intrigued to find out more.


Mines arriving Thursday ! Can’t wait to try it …! I don’t even have to share it ! The school run may be more difficult Friday morning if I really like it :wink:


what did you think?

Here (FINALLY) is my note … based on my third and last bottle - but have a 6-pack on order:

The overall impression on the nose and on the palate, at first, are honeyed flambéed pears. This sounds sweet, except I’m picturing some amazingly creative end-of-meal showpiece where the chef manages to balance sweetness, (tart) acidity and a crisp dryness that leaves you refreshed, cleansed and satisfied at the same time.

Delicious freshness on the palate is balanced against a roundness in the mouth and a cleansing, moreish finish that invited you to have one more sip until (as has happened to me several times already) the bottle is all gone.

Try this and discover a whole new (dry) side to Hungary


What a great review! I thought this wine was fantastic value for money. I’m into the second btl already.
I will have to put through another order. This wine has a taste profile that I really like in aromatic whites. I found it balanced with just the right amount of acidity, freshness with pear and apple. Its a really good example of what you can find when you step away from your comfort zone. This wine was great on its own! I haven’t tried it with food yet, that’s tonight’s task… oh wait tonight’s the tasting… :joy: Tomorrow night then !


I’m sad to report that this wine has now run out of stock - just as I was about to buy some for Christmas

Moral of the story … the community is an awesome way to discover new wines, it can help small producers stand out from the crowd, … and you need to get in there QUICK if you want to make sure you don’t miss out


Yes. Noticed last night this had sold out whilst editing my wishlist :slightly_frowning_face:


I’m also in the ‘didn’t get to this one in time’ club.

I noticed that the Vina Mayor Ribera sold out fairly soon after it got its own topic on here too. This is why I am hoarding Weinert Cabernet…


@Bargainbob Yeah, sorry for starting that topic :stuck_out_tongue:

On the other hand it is good these things eventually run out as it makes you look for more / different stuff. Says he who stocked up on this wine…


Look forward to more wines like this. Having tried the wine again last night reconfirmed how good it is at such a modest price. I hope this success leads to more Hungarian wine listed (Juhfark please!) and glad to share this with the community.