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Huddersfield Group?

Hi all,
I just got a delivery today and the friendly Wine Society chap who delivers said there was a bunch of people in the roads nearby who all get regular wine society deliveries. So… I was wondering about setting up an informal group for Huddersfield. I hadn’t really thought about anything specifically, just meeting some other wine lovers and chatting about wine, the world, everything. Just an inclusive, friendly bunch?

Anyway, maybe add your name to the thread or PM me if you’re interested.

As Huddersfield is blessed with some very nice pubs, it is entirely possible that beer might also be an option for socialising too :slight_smile:

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You may not be aware of the very small size of this community compared to TWS as a whole, so although there may be many TWS members in your area, you may be reaching very few of them (or possibly even none) through this channel. You might need to find another means of establishing contact.

I haven’t seen a number recently but not long ago the community only had a few hundred members in total.

I seem to recall a post by @laura on another thread recently which commented that the ‘few hundred’ might apply to active users, but there were a lot more who were either infrequent posters/didn’t post at all/weren’t registered but still viewed it, and the combined total was in the thousands not hundreds. Doesn’t tell us how many were from Huddersfield though…

Yes I saw that too, but couldn’t get my head round the stats on ‘users’ and ‘active users’. How can users in last 30 days be a mere 43, and active users be 343?

It also doesn’t capture those registered but not posting, and those neither registered nor posting, aka the lurkers!

Users are new users who register for the community in the period, active users are who actually post or like etc.


Ah, that now makes sense, but not terribly intuitively obvious…

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Hi Andy, all,
Yes, this is a difficult situation. Maybe this isn’t really the way to actually get the word out. But I can’t really see any other way to do it. Unless we ask the drivers to actually include a note when they’re delivering cases to a locale. Or there’s some system of bulletins on accounts that you can search for a group in your area…

I wonder if there’s any good exemplars from other organisations?

I’ve already been in touch with someone about putting the community link in a much more prominent position in the wine society front page, rather than down in the bottom.


Hi @Grimpeur, I believe on a previous edition of the newsletter which I think goes out quarterly, there was a note for a tasting group looking for members. I’m not sure what part of the country they were based in but you could request the same for Huddersfield?

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Yes, just about to suggest trying the newsletter. Not sure how hard it is to find space in the new format, but at least that potentially gives you access to the whole membership.

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Ahem, unfortunately, that’s now been replaced with this Community, because there wasn’t enough space in the newsletter, sorry. :flushed:

You’re all right, of course, that this means we need more members joining The Community! Growing the Community has been on hold for a short while due to various factors (including some pretty tough resource shortages) but I’m hoping we can get going with it again soon. In the mean time, keep spreading the word!

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What might be a good idea is if the community is actively talked about and advertised to members attending the tasting events ? That can only be a positive thing . :+1:


Totally agree! I am known as ‘that Wine Society bore’ - but it’s worth it! :wink:

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Maybe stamp it on TWS boxes… add a link at the bottom of member services emails…


Just some thoughts arising from your post and my experiences. About 5 or 6 years ago, there was a message in the newsletter from a member in a nearby village who wanted to set up a tasting group (he also saw many local van deliveries). We had an initial meeting with 3 people and had interest from a few others, but the distance, driving and drinking, made it difficult, so they dropped out.

In the end, it has ended up as the three original members (plus their partners) and a friend, making an enjoyable food and wine evening in our homes 4 times a year, which works really well. However, it only works because there are designated drivers (partners) to get everyone around - there are a few miles between us all - and in fact, more members might be tricky.

I would try and contact the largest number of members possible and if it ends up at just a few, see if our plan works. If there are more, very local members who can use public transport to get to meetings, then go for hiring a venue and making it more structured with some sort of budget to pay for it. It’s been well worth doing and very enjoyable.

Good luck!


Hey Laura,
I’m sorry to hear about issues about resources affecting the community. However there’s some very simple stuff that can be done that shouldn’t cost too many resources which will have a beneficial effect.

One fairly easy change is to the main page template. You could have a much more prominent and special place for the community link on the main page on the main (upper) menu. Then it’ll be there all through every navigation through the website. Maybe it would be outlined in a special way to highlight it.