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How to ... Start a Wiki post

Continuing the discussion from The Society's Community "How To" Guides

Today we explore how you can start a Wiki topic.

The idea of a Wiki is to create a database developed collaboratively by a community of users, allowing any user to add and edit content.

The first step therefore is to find a suitable topic, like these:

BYOB restaurant recommendations - WIKI
Sharing cellars on Cellartracker

Then it is time to create a new topic as described in How to … Start a topic.

Once the topic is created, you can then ask anyone with the badge “Regular” to make your topic a Wiki…

If you yourself have achieved trust level 3, then you can do this yourself by clicking on the three dots at the bottom right of your post…

Then clicking on the wrench icon…

Then click on “Make a Wiki”…

Do not forget to explain in the opening post that the topic is a Wiki and everyone is invited to edit. You may also want to reinforce this in the comments.

This way people will be able to co-edit the database, but will also be able to comment as they would on a normal topic.

At this point, ANY logged-in member of the community will be able to click on the edit icon and update the original post.

If anyone makes edits, these are then logged by the site. These edits, and who made them, can be found by clicking on the green notepad icon in the top right of the post, beside the date of posting

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