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There are three main types of posts:

  1. A new, standalone conversation (a topic)
  2. A reply to a topic or comment, as part of an existing thread (a reply)
  3. A new topic thread relating to an existing thread (a linked topic)

If you would like to start a specific conversation, and you can’t find one on that topic already started (tip: always try search first as it could give you answers faster this way), then you should start a new thread, or topic.

Click on the grey “+ New Topic” near the top right of either the home page or the search results page.

When you click this button, the entry pane and preview pane will appear at the bottom of the screen.

First, enter a title or introduction that is short, clear, informative and appealing. This is the text that will appear in the list of topics on the home page and categories, so it should make it likely others will want to click on it. For new topics the title needs to be at least 12 characters, but less that 255.

Next, please add your topic to the most relevant category so that readers can understand what it is about, and can be found easily. Select from the drop-down list of categories.

The main body can include your text which you can also format to make it easier to read. It can also include images, links, videos and more.

As you start to type the system will again suggest potentially similar threads that may already relate to your subject.

Do check you are not duplicating a conversation that is already happening by click on these. Don’t worry, your text will not be lost – you can always keep entering it and post your topic if the others are not suitable.

When you have finished you can choose to ‘tag’ your content to make it easier to find and link to related articles on the rest of the community, but this is not essential.

When you are happy to post your topic, click the blue “+ Create Topic”. You can always edit it again later if necessary.

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