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How to ... Start a poll



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Any member can build a conversation around a poll or survey to encourage feedback from participants. The input frame has a ‘poll builder’ to guide you through the process which will insert the correct code in the box for you. You can then update this if you want to tweak it.

Click on ‘New Topic’ then click on the ‘gear’ icon. You will get some advanced options. Select “Build Poll”

To start a poll, you need to decide on two key elements:

FIRST: What sort of poll should it be? A single choice, a multiple choice or a rating

Poll options:

  • single choice: respondents can only choose a single option from the list you supply

  • multiple choice: you can specify a minimum and maximum number of options a respondent can select from the list you supply

  • number rating: you give respondents a range to select from (e.g. score out of 5), usually in response to a specific question which you can type in the body of the post above the poll

SECOND: Do you want the names of those who vote for an option to appear, or keep it anonymous?

By default, when members vote, their replies are counted, but you cannot see the names of the individuals who have voted for a specific reply. However, there are times that it may be appropriate to show a list of responses – such as when members are choosing to sign up to a specific date for an event for example. If you choose to make replies public, please make sure this is clear in the introduction.

Once you click ‘Create Topic’ to start the conversation, you will be able to monitor replies by clicking on the ‘Show Results’ below the question box.

Poll: How often do you have a drink?
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