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How to source wine from my birth year


Hello community,

I was reading the ‘never have I ever’ topic which mentioned drinking wine from your birth year. How would I go about sourcing wine from my birth year, and working out what was good from that year (1991)? I see that there’s just one available from TWS, an Armagnac, and I would prefer a red wine to a brandy.

But I’m also interested to know how to go about this for any year, not just for my birth year.

Would also like to hear people’s stories about when they have drank a bottle from their birth year :blush:


Rare & Fine Wines or BBR are pretty good for this. I’ve got some port and a Vouvray lined up so far from mine.

That brandy is nice though!


Without doubt the best value source of such wines will be auction - for example I picked up a case of Warre port from your birth year for a fraction of retail price. It is drinking very well now. Of course provenance is vital… I’d suggest you hunt through the auction catalogues of a few of the smaller auction houses like J Straker Chadwick. You can always do an online or absentee bid…

My own birth year sits between an outstanding vintage for claret (‘61) and another for port (‘63). I have had many great wines from both - Palmer ‘61 and Fonsecca ‘63 topping the heap. Back in the ‘80s they weren’t cheap but we’re reasonably priced. I have drunk several ‘62 clarets - mostly disappointing. The best without doubt Latour - an odd bottle bought at auction. This was drunk on my 30th birthday. However at £6-700 a bottle I doubt I will get to try it again now! The same money would buy a lot of EP Rhône…

On that note I now try and buy wine with the perfect drinking window for significant future birthdays - rather than look back to my birth year. So i’ve CDP for my 60th, Barolo for my 70th and some magnums of port for my 80th.


Hedonism Wines also has a good selection of vintages.

I bought the 1974 Barolo I drank from BIWine.


Vintage Wine and Port is a good site to source specific years. I use it a fair bit for port. I think 1991 was declared by some producers but not the greatest vintage. I have a Croft 1991 that I haven’t opened yet.


If you’re looking for an easy-to-obtain 1991 red to drink in the near future, this is not half bad:


I took a punt on it recently when I had a voucher to play with. Only recently bottled, the fruit’s fading away but it’s got a nice autumnal undergrowthy vibe to it.

I don’t think it’ll blow anyone’s mind, but it’s very pretty and the price is decent for a drinkable wine of that age. Wouldn’t age it any further, mind!


I’ll second that! We did exactly the same - had a voucher to use, and thought this looked interesting. We loved it - and actually found it still had plenty of life in it, with no element out of balance. It’s a Chianti Rufina in all but name. You can find our impressions of it here.


Wine Searcher is your friend. Tracking down a 1957 Rivesaltes for a 60th last year was a doddle. So 1991 won’t be a challenge.


Although not generally regarded as a good vintage, Ch. Leoville-Barton 1991 was excellent. Anthony Barton surprised me with it tasted blind.


Thanks everyone for those suggestions, that gives me lots of avenues to try! I’ll let you know what I pick for my birthday and it will also be a good opportunity to try some websites I haven’t used before :slight_smile:


1991 seems to be a good vintage for Napa Cabernet. They have longevity, too. Price might be an issue…


www.wine-searcher.com is good for finding where you can buy specific wines. I tried just entering 1991 and it said “We found 520 wines from the 1991 vintage.
The first few were rather expensive - I doubt you can afford the Domaine de la Romanee-Conti Romanee-Conti Grand Cru 1991! - but there are lots of others.
1991 wasn’t a good year for Bordeaux or some other classic areas, but there were some good 1991 Ports - and those will keep for 2021, 2031, and even 2041. I see Dows 1991 is available from about £40 a bottle.


Cool thank you, I’m looking forward to investigating these ideas. @szaki1974 I don’t know Napa well but as you say maybe I’ll have to try it in a more cost friendly way first!