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How to ... Send a message to a user



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Signed-in members of the Society’s Community can exchange (private*) messages with other users, or even groups of users.

To send a message to a user, click on their avatar in any conversation. If you are logged in, then the user card will appear, then click on the ‘Message’ button.

You can draft and send this message in the same way as any other post, but this conversation will only be visible to the users included in the participant list at the top. Others can be added to this conversation by any of those taking part, by starting with the “@” symbol then typing or selecting their usernames, or group names, and adding them to the list.

To access your messages (to see your inbox, sent items and archive), click on your avatar in the upper navigation (top right) and select the envelope icon for ‘messages’, or view your profile and select ‘messages’ from the navigation.

or here:

When you have a message, you will see a counter appear to the left of your avatar showing the number of unread messages. Unless you have turned off notifications for messages in your preferences, you will also receive an email alert to remind you.

  • note: the term ‘private’ is to contrast with ‘public’ topics in the community’s boards. This is a community discussion platform, not a private messaging system, and for administrative and technical reasons, it is possible for community administrators, but not moderators, to access individual users messages in exceptional circumstances. This messaging system should NOT be used for confidential exchanges.

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