How to ... See who is participating

Continuing the discussion from The Society's Community "How To" Guides:

There are several ways to see what users are participating in a conversation:

In the first instance, in the list of topics on the homepage you will see a selection of avatars (profile pictures) of:

  • the user who started the thread (always the first photo);
  • a selection of the most active participants;
  • and, who left the most recent comment (the last photo).

(hold your mouse over the member’s image to read the description)

Pro Tip: In some cases, the first photo has a blue border - this indicates that the original poster is also the most recent poster

Post summaries
When you visit a thread, you will see a box below the original post that tells you: who created the post and when, a count of the replies and views in this thread to date, and a display of the avatars of the most frequent participants.

We hope you find these a handy summary of the activity that encourage you to participate and to get to know other members.