How to ... Save a draft

Continuing the discussion from The Society's Community "How To" Guides:

The Community software does try to save drafts of messages as you type them. While I can’t promise this is as reliable and easy as a draft of an email (that you can archive and look up at will), it is a fairly useful tool.


If you click ‘reply’ to an existing topic, the text entry box and preview will appear. As you type, a draft is saved (roughly ever 30-40 seconds). If you pause your typing you will see the word “saved” appear below the entry box to show that this is happening.

In theory you can create a draft reply for each topic and the system will try to keep track of them. If you start typing and wait for it to be saved, then minimise the text entry window (press the down arrow on the far top right of this window) before posting, the draft is saved. You can navigate to another thread without losing this draft, and even reply to other threads. When you return to the original thread, you should be able to see the draft text, or to unhide the entry window.

Warning: I have been able to keep multiple drafts open, but the minimised window only seems to show the most recent, so don’t try keeping too many on the go at once. Feel free to draft something, then reply to another thread (and post it!) then come back. It should work fine.

You can even access drafts on multiple devices

You can start a reply on your mobile, then log into the desktop, maybe to add an image or link, and you will find your draft available there too.

Once you have posted that draft and made it live, you may see the draft is still visible on another device. Feel free to ‘Abandon’ this draft as the post will not be deleted and the post will remain.


Draft posts work in the same way as Replies except that you can only keep ONE draft post of a new thread at a time. This is useful if you need to pause a long post, or if you want to switch between devices while drafting it.