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How to remove wine stains


Can anyone offer advice on the removal of red wine stains from a sofa?


Have you tried milk directly on the stain while still wet??
If its already dry then get some vanish foam with a tooth brush and some elbow grease should get it out.


This has always worked for me:


This is topical!

Are you asking for a friend…?



Salt works on red wine stains


I wonder how long it took Ms Symonds to work out that Boris is ‘spoilt’. No shit, Sherlock.


Thank you for your help! If it works I shall take you on as my personal full-time stain-remover in my central London house commencing 22 July.


This is what I’d do.

  1. Kick out the perpetrator and change the locks.
  2. Buy a new sofa.


I asked him to leave but he refused. I thought Leave means Leave!


I think the genie is well and truly out of the bottle… your fault @Herbster… now how do I remove the genie from the carpet?


Don’t. Hop onto the carpet, and genie will take you to a better world…


Where there’s ALWAYS 13 bottles in a case of 12?


I had something more ambitious in mind, but why not! :+1::grinning:


Many years ago, mid 80s, I spilt Port of the jacket of a pale grey suit. I got a waiter to bring me a glass of dry white wine, poured it over the Port stain and it was removed completely


Aren’t wine stains on furniture character building adding to the age and patina! I say sit back, enjoy the stains and thing of the memories of the event causing the stain and the wine that caused them!


A sure way to remove stains from a sofa is to read the Max Hastings article in the Guardian of 24 June: I was Boris Johnson’s boss: he is totally unfit for office.
A sobering thought after a glass of wine spilled on a sofa after a spirited and intellectual argument entitled ‘get off of me’.


I often wondered what ‘traditional family values’ meant (treasured by certain politicians). Now we know…


I think you’ve hit the nail on the head there