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How to … Quote another user



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Quoting is extremely useful.

  • It means you do not have to re-type content and find links to the original post.
  • It will notify the person you are quoting so they can reply or join the conversation.
  • It also allows readers a better way to understand your thoughts and to navigate the discussion to see the original comment in context.

Go to the conversation you wish to quote and highlight the relevant text in any post and you’ll get the option to ‘Quote text’. The text, now appropriately, will now automatically appear in your entry pane and you can add your own comments around it.

You can do this for multiple quotes in a single comment, so feel free to bring more ideas together in one reply. You can move around the threads in the community, even visit different threads, in the viewing pane without losing your work in the entry pane.

New quotes will be added wherever your cursor is in the entry pane, so just place this in the appropriate spot before selecting the quote.

When viewing a post with a quote that has been made this way, you’ll see a ‘v’ symbol, that when clicked, shows the full original post - and even - highlights the bit that was quoted! If the comment you are quoting is in the same thread, it will also include an arrow to help readers find the original comment in context.

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