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How to open this....?

Ok. So I am reaching out to the whole community here for some help on how to open this bottle. I am personally embarrassed to do so, as the measures taken resorted to a visit to the shed where a number of professional tools where used to eventually provide access to the cork, but still without removing the solid metal casing.

I would call it a moral victory than an effective solution.



How odd, does the top not just twist off ?? Revealing the cork underneath? Failing trying every tool you own, maybe give them a call ??

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Clearly ‘two hands, your hands’ are not sufficient… :wink:


If all else fails, Port tongs.

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Thanks all :slight_smile:

This is actually what happened to gain access to the cork. A saw was ultimately needed to cut away the solid metal top of the bottle, to enable the removal of the cork.

Also been in contact with Two Hands (who have been very responsive and helpful). There is apparently supposed to be an o-ring (?) that helps with air and suction to allow for a very simple ‘twist and pull’.

Overall there is a lesson to be had in going OTT on the bottle design, it was quite unique to etch in all of the words and not use labels, but Two Hands should have stopped there and just let the wine do the talking.


Haha this is so funny :joy:, hope the wine is great , it’s like the wine telling you “don’t drink me ! I have a heartbeat” :rofl:! Let us know what it’s line :wink:!

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I had some similar thoughts as to why it was like this :slight_smile:

  • I wonder if this device auto-opens when the wine is at its peak?
  • Do I need to be the wine equivalent of Thor to be able to open this - as this is his obviously his ‘hammer’?
  • If I get the puzzle wrong, will it summon demons like in Hell Raiser
  • Maybe there is a clue in the etched letters and I must press them in a sequence to open it
  • Like water going down a sink in Australia, maybe their tighten and un-tighten systems are the other way around, and all I’ve been doing is tightening it up!

The wine though was very good. Typical powerhouse Shiraz - relentless, full of fruit, your headache in the morning reminds you to take it easier on Oz wines lol.



I was thinking more Aquaman :sweat_smile:


It’s sort of like a wine chastity belt.


I thought it was more like Ned Kelly

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I guess that is one way to stop you drinking the wine!

ah…I have a champagne stopper that is used to trick friends…you actually have to push it down, twist and pull up at an angle…wonder if this is similar ?

Given the price, I would have thought it should come with a sommelier :wink: but, I suppose, as it was discounted…

I guess you might have been able to use one of those pipe cutters and gradually cut through the metal but it does seem like an odd setup.

Also, if its O ringed, then its also air tight so its been sealed with a cork but sealed off to act like a screwcap - odd that it has such a long drink date as if there is no Oxygen getting to the cork its not really going to develop much.

Wine does not solely develop due to oxygen. There are non oxydative reactions happening, too.

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That is correct, its why I am interested in some of the long term screwcap trials current going on but interesting to see a producer using a cork but then sealing it off.

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That was one technique that we thought would work as well. Far short of trying to catch the bottle off guard, or play it some relaxing music - the device would not budge at all.

If the saw had failed also, we would of been resorting to sourcing some ACME T.N.T :wink:


I really couldn’t understand the relevance of the device. Apart from adding some ‘bling’ to the bottle I would rather of not had it all, which I guess would of knocked another £50 of the price lol!

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I guess it makes it stand out from the crowd - and its now certainly a wine you will remember but not necessarily for the right reasons!

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