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How to open a bottle with a disintegrating cork?


I am in the process of opening a bottle of 2001 Musar, and find that the cork disintegrates while trying to remove it. Any tips what to do in order to avoid thousands of small cork pieces in my wine?


I often push the cork in and then decant using a very fine tea strainer. Seems to work well and removes all the little bits of cork.


If pushing it in can be done without total disintegration that’s as good as any in my view unless you have one of these two pronged levers which don’t always work either…


Thanks, that is what I have done. It still left lots of tiny pieces in the wine though. But the tea strainer gave me the idea to use a paper coffee filter for another decanting: eureka! Clear wine left with no floating particles visible!


I find these work really well for situations like this :



Was trying to remember the name of the two pronged thing - the ah-so corkscrew.


AKA the butler’s thief…


First time I bought an oldish ('99) Musar (from Gerrard Seel) it came with a Musar branded Butler’s thief and instructions on how best to use it. the cork still broke in two!


For decanting older wines with sediment I tend to use this funnel with sieve. Never had a piece of cork in my wine when I’ve used it !

I once had a 1964 Chateau Talbot, and used this corkscrew which removed the cork without any problems. I tend to use this corkscrew now if I open an “old “ bottle of wine. Need to find a very old bottle of port to test it again!:smile:


This is the business for extracting old corks
It’s expensive though, so you’d need to use it a lot to get your money’s worth


Impressive. Screw and prongs in tandem.


Butlers thief is the best bet. But sometimes it’s just not possible and you have to push the cork in and filter.


and this was on instagram today


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