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How to ... Mute a conversation or topic



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There are certain topics that divide individuals - topics that get some very excited, and bore others rigid. It might be technical conversations about wine tasting and reviewing, or maybe buying and selling wines as investments, or it could be subjective topics around politics, religion, money or … sport.

The Society’s Community is open to many different topics of conversation, not just wine, and so there will be occasions where you choose either to positively look out and track, or to do your best to avoid, certain topics.

Filtering out content

In some cases, such as En Primeur, we have created a specialist Group that you can join, and if you do not, you will not see the content that is posted there. There is nothing you need to do to mute these conversations.

If you have already joined a group, and change your mind, you can simply click ‘Leave Group’ on the group page or Groups list.

In some cases, the content will appear in public categories and, where possible, the admin team will try to create useful tags that allow topics to be easily found, or avoided. Here you can usually just ignore irrelevant content. However, if there happen to be many threads on a subject, and you feel that your site digests are overly full of that content, then you can “mute” certain tags or whole categories.

To do this, go to your User Preferences, and in the side menu select ‘Categories’ or ‘Tags’ under ‘Notifications’ (see below). The final option allows you to add a list of the relevant selections to be muted from the list available.

Note: Muting will NOT hide these from the display on the site, but it will stop you receiving notifications of new posts in that category or that are tagged with the offending tag.

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