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How to ... Manage notifications for new content



Continuing the discussion from The Society's Community "How To" Guides:

One of the settings you can personalise is how the site helps you keep track of what might be interesting content for you. To look at these, go to your preferences and click on the ‘Notifications’ tab - there are explanations further down this page.


Consider topics new when

This setting allows you to know what content is truly ‘new’ to you.

Depending on how regularly you visit and how you wish to keep track of the conversations, this setting adds a ‘new’ flag on conversations that you have not seen but are also recent. In this way you can ignore unread content that might be considered ‘dated’ and focus only on the most recent - whether it is in the last day or two, or maybe a couple of weeks.

The idea is to help you easily spot what content is most relevant and new TO YOU.

Automatically track topics I enter

The site keeps track of what you read and how long you spend on it in order to help you keep track of interesting conversations. There are several ways to ‘follow a conversation’, but this setting helps by automatically switching topics that you appear to be interested in to ‘Tracking’ so you don’t have to remember to do it (for more information, visit the article: How to … Follow a Conversation"

If you visit the site regularly, you may only be interested in topics created in the last few days as you will already have seen, and likely ignored, older content. If you visit less frequently, you might like to have this set for longer so that you do not miss out on topics that were posted longer ago.

When I post in a topic, set that topic to:

You can always manage the notifications settings for individual posts, but the following setting defines what happens by default (unless you change it). In this case you have several options:

  • Watching: If you choose this, you will receive notifications for every post in a conversation/topic. Generally this will only be necessary if you are very interested in the topic, and is the default for any conversation/topic that you have started. Keeping this default will result in a great many notifications and is not recommended for this busy site.
  • Tracking: This setting means that you will be shown a count of new comments in that topic when you visit, but you will only be notified of comments that mention you or are replies to your comments.
  • Normal: In this case you will not be show the number of new comments since your last visit, but you will still be notified if you are mentioned or someone replies directly to you.

Notify when liked

It is always nice to get a reaction to our posts, but in a friendly community where there are many reactions it can get very busy. You can change these settings to limit the number of notifications you get when your content is “liked” (separately from other replies - above):

  • Always: Get a notification whenever anyone likes your comments or posts
  • First time a post is liked and daily: Get a notification only the first time someone likes a particular post each day
  • First time a post is liked: Get a notification only the first time someone likes a particular post
  • Never: Stop getting notifications of likes - others can still like your content and you will still be able to see these in your profile summary page, but you will not get notifications


Since the community runs in a browser tab, it is possible for the browser to post alert pop-up boxes on your computer screen while the tab is open. If you click this option, these alerts will keep you updated even when you are reading or browsing a different tab.

Note: you will have to change this setting for every computer you use to access the community. Also, this does not relate to Mobile browsing

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