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How to ... Ignore a user (desktop version)

Continuing the discussion from The Society's Community "How To" Guides:

You have two options if you want to ignore a user:

1 - Just ignore them, job done.

2 - Let discourse help you and set them to be ignored in your preferences, as explained here:

Go to your own profile page by clicking your avatar in the top right corner and then clicking the rightmost icon on the top of the pop-up window. From the menu that appears click preferences.

On the next page, choose ‘User’ from the menu on the left.

On the next screen click ‘+Add…’, in the ignore user section.

In the popup window, start typing the username in the Username textbox, select the user as it comes up. Set the timeframe and click ‘Ignore’.

Job done (repeat if you want for other users), this will hide the messages, you can still unhide each message if you so wish.


Thanks, what happens if that user starts a thread? Is it hidden with the option to view, or totally obscured?



When I click on my own profile I’m a little surprised to see a 1000 days visited - the vast and overwhelming number of which have been educational, enriching and fun. When users start muting others it points to a changing tone in the community - temporary I hope. Either way, 1000 days tells me it’s time for a break.

Happy new year to all, see you anon.


Once again, discourse takes something that is relatively simple in all other (vastly superior) forum softwares and makes it 1000x worse rather than easier.

It doesn’t seem possible to hide a thread. Or have I missed it?

Yes, you can mute a topic. It’s one of the options underneath the “topic controls” at the bottom of the thread, where you have tracking, watching, muted, and one other I think. I just used it yesterday for the first time and the topic seems to have completely vanished from my screen.


Here’s the ‘How to mute a topic’ guide: