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How to ... Embed an animated gif



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If a picture adds a thousand words, an animated one can also speak them out loud.

Animated gifs are very popular, for a reason. Not only can you convey an emotional response to a conversation, but you can also bring some added personality to it. Why say thanks, when you can get Beyoncé or Barack Obama to say it for you instead?

There are many places where you can find possible images to use, but the most popular is Giphy.com - so these instructions relate specifically to that site, but could help for similar sites.

  1. First, search for your chosen animation.
    In essence this is just like any other image file, it just happens to have a short series of slides. You need to get the address for the image file itself, not the page it is on otherwise your message will often appear blank.

  2. Select ‘Copy Link’:

  3. Then make sure you get the address for the image:

  4. Copy this link and then paste it into your reply box. You should see the animation load in ‘Preview Pane’

  5. Click Reply

Grappa - it's better than Gin you know
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And always read the full instructions… it is very easy to miss the giphy.com bit


Slightly surprised giphy isn’t embedded in discourse alongside the emojis, like whatsapp etc.


I’m not sure why it is not, but I guess it makes the world a little too samey if that is made a default option