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How to ... Change your digest email frequency



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As a matter of course, The Society’s Community will send you an email on a regular basis to update you on the most recent and interesting topics. This is the digest email or ‘Activity Summary’

The main reason for sending this is to give you a chance to spot interesting conversations and encourage you to join in, especially if there is advice or solutions you can offer to a fellow member. These are separate from the notification emails you will get if someone sends you a personal message, mentions you in a conversation, or replies to something you posted.

Important: the digest is only sent if you have not visited the community.

Whatever frequency you set for your digest email, the countdown starts from your last visit. So if you have it set to ‘every 3 days’, you will only get a digest three days after your visit, and then every three days after that. If you visit every other day or so, you will never see a digest email!

By default, all new members have a digest sent every three days. We believe this is a reasonable balance between staying up to date with recent conversations before they get too old, but not too often to repeat content. However, you can can change this to everything from ‘every 30 minutes’ to ‘fortnightly’


To change the digest frequency, go to your profile page, click on Email, and change the selection under ‘Activity Summary’

To stop receiving these emails, simply untick the box that says: “When I don’t visit here, send me an email summary of popular topics and replies”.

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