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How to ... Change my username



Continuing the discussion from The Society's Community "How To" Guides:

Usernames are usually set when you join the community during registration. They must be unique and appropriate.

The community is built upon the content posted and the connections made by members, and so it is not easy to change or delete this content. It can be a bit like removing or replacing a brick in a game of Jenga. The structure of a conversation only makes sense with all the comments and references intact.

In some circumstances (as outlined in the Username Guidelines) members will be required, or able, to change their username.

NOTE: This should take place within 72 hours of joining the community.

If you need to, and can, change your username, click on your avatar in the navigation menu, and select ‘preferences’ (the gear icon).

On the ‘Account’ tab you will see your username and the pen icon beside this (if the option is available). Click the pen to edit your username.

Unfortunately in most cases it will not be possible to edit usernames after 3 days.

How to ... Change my Display Name