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How to ... Change my Display Name



Continuing the discussion from The Society’s Community “How To” Guides:

First, go to your profile ‘preferences’ by clicking on your avatar and selecting the gear icon.

You will then be presented with some options to update your personal information, including your Username and your Profile Picture. In this case we discuss your Display Name.

Our Guidelines request that all members include a full name, with a first name or a title, and a surname. The community is a social space and we would like to know who we are talking to and how they would like to be addressed, so we’ve decided to keep this field open so you can choose your preferred salutation - e.g. Rob instead of Robert or Mr McIntosh.

To customise this:

(1) In the ‘Display Name’ box you can enter how you want your name to appear, but we ask that this is a full name with a first name or title and a surname - that way we know how to address you in personal messages

(2) Don’t forget to click ‘Save Changes’ when you are done

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