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How to buy wine online - your thoughts sought


It’s all about who you share tastes with. I’ve found Victoria Moore’s recommendations reliable, after all, we both love a good chunky Gigondas!


It’s a combination of trust, information available, and availability of wines. The Wine Society scores very well on the first two, but inevitably is comparatively weak in some areas, such as Sauternes, port, whisky or low-alcohol German wines (and it doesn’t stock three favourites of mine: Calcaia dessert wine, Lustau East India Solera or Chateau Musar).


Good news…


More good news!

As Meatloaf said: Two out of three ain’t bad …


WooHoo, thanks for the heads up!
My basket is currently in the “ridiculous” bracket…:open_mouth::tired_face:


Likewise, but hoping for some credit to come through soon to help me with this terrible affliction… :scream::face_with_thermometer::crazy_face:


My credit has come through………and my basket is STILL ridiculous :tired_face:


Thanks folks – the Society scores again!