How to become a community ninja

Is something holding you back from posting your first comment or thread?

Do you wish you knew how to do those clever things like quoting another user, or adding a link to your favourite wine?

Fancy being one of the very first members to get a special ‘badge’ here in the community?

I realise that getting started on a new platform like this community can seem a little daunting at first, and that because you post for everyone to see, it might seem embarrassing to make a mistke mistake :kissing_closed_eyes:

You may not have noticed, but when you joined, you received a message that included a link to a light-hearted introduction to how to use the site. It is an interactive “quiz” that gives you a chance to try out the different features, like searching, adding emoji :champagne: and even posting a quote:

Congratulations to both @parrisjeff and @methers who took the tour recently and both gained the still-very-exclusive Certified Badge. You too can join this pioneering group.

To do this, send a private message to the user @CellarHand with the words: “Start new user” in the body of the message, then watch for the answers & challenges! (more information in your inbox).

Alternatively, feel free to browse our growing How To … list of articles.

The guides can teach you how to:

add an animated gif,

post a wine link

or how to change how frequently you receive email digests from the community

If we’ve missed anything, do feel free to ask us any questions and we will gladly help


I have a question… when posting Gifs, they look alright as you post the link and play… but then the file file appears to be too big, what the magic “too big number” for these files??

About 3mb which should be large enough but some longer, high Res GIFs can be like mini movies

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Thanks Rob :wink:

That’s great fun and taught me some useful tricks! Now to get some classy ‘308’ badges made-up…

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If you want to get fancy, you can also ask @cellarhand to “start advanced user” … :slight_smile:


Likewise - who knew there was a herb emoji… :herb: ??

Think that’s favouritism eh @Herbster ??!! :wink:


Hang on, now we’re talking!! :man_scientist:


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That’s anise one.


What is the 308 club?

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You need to have drunk 308 of TWS wines …:rofl:


Is it because you have purchased 308 different bottles of wine. Because it might be difficult to prove that the purchaser has actually drunk all 308. How did the number 308 come about?Do you get anything if you have purchased 308 different bottles ? Do you have a choice when you have reached the magic number? Can you refuse to be a member?

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I apologise @BENEDICTNASH, it was in jest . I’m not really too sure what the 308 is for . Initially I thought it was the first 308 engaged members but I’m not completely sure .

It is, and 308 is the original number of shares in TWS.

Do I get a badge for that?


The original Society was established with the issue of 308 shares. This badge is awarded to the first 308 members to reach ‘member’ (TL2) level of the Society’s Community

Although they seem to have stopped adding members to the group despite not hitting 308 yet.


Maybe that’s some kind of glitch in the system, maybe @laura can check it out at some point :+1:.


I’d noticed this too, strange!

That’d be helpful! :+1:

I also just noticed I’ve not received the “TWS Taster” badge, though I have definitely done a few… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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