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How to avoid your husband, wife, partner knowing you ordered more wine

I tend to go with telling the truth too. It’s easier in the long run and she really enjoys the wine, so as long as it doesn’t get the the levels when my brain went splat, we’re all good (mostly). OWCs making great storage for various things she needs to store does help a bit though!


Same here (apart from the brain-going-splat bit). It is fortunate that generally we have the same taste in wine, degree of appreciation, and attitude to spending. My role is butler and nerd-in-chief


Clearly Steve’s and my household are very similar. As my wife is in possession of a ‘what to do with the wine in the event of my demise’ list there’s little point in being devious anyway.


Post withdrawn


I’m loving this thread! Picking up some good tips. One of my recent tricks is to share a case with a family member which you arrange to be delivered to them and collect your share on the next visit. For some reason, it’s more palatable to say you’re just sharing a case with someone.


As a regular participant on this forum, for the record I wish to make clear that save for this post (which is for clarity and no other reason, assertion or otherwise) i make no comment or admission.
Nothing of whatsoever nature should be read into impliedly nor expressly as to what I am saying.
Just for the avoidance of doubt I make no reference to any other person with whom I may be connected either by contract, oath, partnership, or any other legal or moral connection.


I love lawyers!


Sums us up quite well too. Thankfully the brain has been behaving itself recently and over purchasing of wine has been entirely conscious and rational.


Every bottle opened in this house is shared equally with my wife.
So when I make a purchase from whomever, I merely say “darling I’ve ordered you some wine”.
No big deal and she is always happy with my selections. If she expresses a particular liking for a wine, I always make sure there’s some inthe cellar.


To avoid any argument that this thread could be biased I would like to say that I don’t love lawyers.


Ouch. Some of us are ok really…!


To avoid any argument that this thread could be biased I would like to say that I don’t love lawyers but at the same time I may love lawyers in the future once I’ve met them


A response worthy of a lawyer :grinning:


I make sure that at least half of every delivery contains something OH likes a lot.

Below the level of a holiday / car / house this approach seems to work for me.


On lawyers and love or not love, I offer the testimony of Mrs T Turner:

“whats love got to do with it”

though I am not completely in agreement with the rest of her statement

A combination of “ignorance is bliss” (ie: I don’t tell my partner) combined with a never diminishing stock of chilled Chablis & Muscadet in the fridge.

My theory is that the Partner wont bite the hand that replaces the white wine.

Oh… and separate bank accounts.


Separate bank accounts are key, not just for wine purchases, but for marital harmony of all kinds. We do have a joint account for bills, the supermarket etc, but otherwise we do our own thing, both put some money aside for holidays, and have various unwritten rules about who pays for what. Seems to work OK.

I see wine buying as a question of cashflow management rather than gratuitous expense - the wine will get drunk (eventually), we will generally share and both enjoy it, and stocking up in relatively good times ensures at least we’ll have something decent to drink if the wheels ever come off.

My main problem is that the stocks at home are rapidly exceeding the available storage, which does give rise to the odd pointed remark…



We struck a deal where, if I am to keep buying wine, I need to throw in, with every purchase, something she likes. Problem is, what she likes now is always out of stock, on purpose, I suspect.

I recently struck upon the ‘buy loads in one go and don’t hide it’ approach. Grumbled at for a little while, but the deed was done.


Member’s reserves is your saviour.

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