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How to ... Add my photo (avatar)



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By default, your avatar is a coloured circle with your first initial, so adding a photo (or avatar) makes your account, and all your participation in conversations, more personal. It makes a difference to see known faces in a thread - see these two examples:

With photos

Missing photos


Adding your photo for your ‘avatar’ is straightforward.

Visit your profile ‘preferences’ by clicking on your existing photo or default avatar (usually your initials in a coloured circle), then choosing the gear icon.

On the ‘Account’ tab, scroll down to the ‘Profile Picture’ section.

Here you will be able to choose one of three options:

  1. A system-assigned profile image, which is a randomly coloured circle with your initials

  2. Your existing ‘gravatar’ image*
    *These are profiles and images that are used by many Wordpress-related sites that allow you to keep a consistent profile across the internet based on your email address. These are less commonly used than in the past. If you have an image here already you may have created it on another site and forgotten about it. Click on the name above to edit this.

  3. A ‘custom picture’ just for this site.

To add a custom image, click on the [Upload Picture] button and select a photo from your computer. You will not be able to crop this to fit, so try to choose a picture that shows you clearly in the centre of the image.

Once you have updated your image it could take a short while for the picture to appear throughout the site if the pages have not been updated, but it should appear very shortly.

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