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How to ... Add more personal details



Continuing the discussion from The Society's Community "How To" Guides:

The Society’s Community is primarily a discussion forum, not a social network. The focus is on the conversations in the threads, not on building user profiles and ‘following’ individuals. However, it can be useful and interesting to get to know other members that you are talking to, to know more about your peers and a helpful way to introduce yourself to new contacts.

It is possible, therefore, to add a few additional personal details to your profile that will show in your user card as well as your full profile if you wish.

These include:

  • A short personal biography (‘About Me’)
  • Your location (keep this reasonably general, but specific enough so we know your ‘area’)
  • Your personal website or blog
  • Your twitter username (for conversations outside of The Society’s Community)

You are also able to personalise your profile with background images for your user card and profile pages.

Visit your profile ‘preferences’ by clicking on your existing photo or default avatar (usually your initials in a coloured circle), then choosing the gear icon and then clicking on the ‘Profile’ tab.

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