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How to ... Add a web link



Continuing the discussion from The Society's Community "How To" Guides:

There are two main ways to add a link within a post

1. Post the link itself

The easiest is to copy & paste the URL (link) of the page you want to share straight into the edit box of your message. You need to put it on a new line, on its own.

In MOST cases, the system will automatically convert that link into a preview box, showing the title, link, description text and possibly the image, from that page. Here’s an example:

If the link is to a Society product, you will see a slightly different look. This box will also include the price of the wine at the time you post the link:

Occasionally links to pages on other sites will not preview because of the way that site is built. In this case, the link will be converted to a link as text, but no preview, such as this:


2. Choose what text should be linked

Instead of a link, or preview, there are times you prefer to add a link to some (anchor) text

To do this;

  1. copy the URL you wish to link to

  2. highlight it the text you want to be the link

  3. click on the chain / link icon in the formatting toolbar

  4. paste, or type, the link into the dialogue box that appears


If you’ve read this far, here’s a small bonus option. You can manually add a link by following these simple steps.

  • in the edit box, simply surround the text you wish to turn into anchor text with square brackets [like this]
  • follow this anchor text with the URL in brackets (like this)

e.g. this is [anchor text](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anchor_text)
becomes: this is anchor text

This will then be converted into a link for you but give you control over exactly how it is created

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