How Much Wine is Enough?

Unfortunately I don’t . The thought of having to go through the wine I have at home plus the wines in reserves I have with merchants just puts me off.


An incognito poll.

How many bottles of wine do you own?
  • <250
  • 251 - 500
  • 501 - 1000
  • 1001<

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From my wife’s perspective - “too much!”

I have approx. 270 - 300 bottles between my wine fridge at home and TWS reserves, I am out of space at home.
My purchasing of wine has slowed down considerably since moving house last year, mostly due to increased mortgage expenditure. When I started to take a bigger interest in wine, my goal was to build a cellar with wines that have been allowed to age. I have that now and will probably keep it in or around the number I have currently.
I do enjoy my whisky though and definitely have too much of that.


Amazingly evenly distributed…

I am right on the cusp between two at present…but aim is to get down to the lower one, and hide away when the Rhone EP comes out…and Burgundy…


This is a great thread and it has made me fess up to myself to having just over 500 split between home and TWS. How in the world has that happened? The trouble is there is always something « missing » and there are so many good offers and interesting wines to try. I love the idea of putting wine away for later, but then what exactly does later mean? Turns out I am a marketeer’s dream client….!


Hmm. I seem to be in a minority with almost 2,000 bottles here and there. A good proportion are for long ageing and there’s a decent distribution in terms of drinking windows, type etc. so I’m happy.

A lot of them should gain value so if I check out early, it’ll be a reasonable investment for those I care about.


I had that feeling for most of the year and ended up buying too much. I’m now on a buying break for a couple of months


I suspect I’m not alone in that my wine buying exploded during lockdown - as a result I’m now in the 500-1000 range. There is only so much wine that you can drink in a week but the discovery of reserves (here and at L&W) removed any limit (bar the obvious financial one) from what you can buy and activated my hoarder/collector tendencies.

I bought far too much in 2021 in particular, although I can’t say I really regret it - it’s all stuff that I am looking forward to drinking in the coming years. I’m now into much more sensible buying patterns, but it’s always a struggle to avoid temptation when something interesting or seemingly particularly good value comes along. Also doesn’t help that I have developed relatively expensive tastes in the last couple of years - 2019 me would have thought very hard before pulling the trigger on a £25 bottle but that seems to be an issue which is, sadly, long gone!


A quick count turns up c. 300 bottles split between here & Stevenage. Most of this will be drinking in the next 5 - 15 years, and my aim will be to stick round about here and top up as I pull stuff out.

As far as variety goes, I’ve been trying to diversify a bit more recently, so tend to alternate between 6 packs and mixed 6’s now, and I think this strategy is working for me at the moment.


Do your wives know you have this much wine …???


I know how much whisky/whiskey/Bourbon my husband has …… he has no clue how much wine I have :joy: … I’m somewhere around 1500 roughly :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::flushed:!


I’ve a link to it on our financial asset spreadsheet, which lists bottle count and asset value (massive approximation). I’ve sent it to her as part of legacy planning but I suspect the answer is no :slight_smile:


ToT used to really complain about his reserves bill. GRHS. Now I am starting to get a taste of what he was feeling.

Add say a ten time multiplier given relative ages and the reserve bill would be a sucking in of breath amongst clenched teeth.

During the period when TWS had issues with its direct debit payments was when I really understood my buying rate. Before that it was all too easy!


It’s interesting that I find it hard to ascertain exactly what the value of a resale of a whole cellar would be - certainly, whilst CT suggests it has a quite sophisticated valuation tool (indeed, that is part of the subscription fee), to be frank a cursory click on a few WineSearcher links shows the valuation that is pulled through to the actual CT website to be frankly nonsense most of the time (okay, a good portion of the time). There are so many variables that it just can’t take into account, from the quite simple addition of tax and VAT, through to storage conditions.

On balance, I think I’ll just try to drink it all :smiley:


Excellent thread @Rafa with many replies to the questions you posited (children excepted), that ring true here !

I made a conscious effort, whilst still working before retirement, to build up stocks of wine that I knew would be beyond my reach when my future disposable income no longer allowed me to be so indulgent.

Present stocks of just over 1000 bottles of good quality wine. split between home and reserves, seems about right for my medium-term needs (until 2030 when I’ll be 70ish). Happily. I’ll still be able to add to that total before then but not as frivolously as I do now. Fingers crossed, health-wise, that’s about right for my needs in the mid-term future. Beyond that, who knows really, but needless to say, I don’t want to shuffle off this mortal coil anytime soon or whilst I’m still compus mentus !

Apologies for being so morbid but as for the long-term future, I’ll take it on a yearly basis but no doubt my buying sprees will reduce as time goes by. Which feels like a realistic approach right now.

Beyond 2030-35, I guess I’ll buy as my needs dictate but even if I can’t keep myself in the manner to which I’ve previously become accustomed to, I’ll still find some consolation in more everyday wines that, nevertheless, tick my boxes !


Valuation tools like that play into the collector’s hoarder psyche, perhaps built from resting offers in the market vs actual sale price, minus transaction fees.

For me it’s just a marker that there is some form of asset there

I agree, best to drink it.


She read my post above over my shoulder just as I posted it, so yes, she does now!


Cost is one thing I don’t record in my spreadsheet. I don’t see any need as everything I buy will be drunk or gifted. I like to select something based on what I think works best on each occasion.

To be fair though, I’ve never bought anything that stands a chance of serious appreciation so never likely to be tempted to sell.


A good defense may be: it was a toss up between wine and crypto??

Link not investment advice just an example of some crazy investing questions. Betteridge’s law strikes again


And just to remind us all…each bottle is about 630 calories