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How much is _not_ in the printed list?


Occasionally I’ll come across a wine recommendation on Instagram (usually from a critic) that appeals to me but I never noticed it in the printed catalogue.

So out of interest roughly what % of wines the society is currently offering are in the printed catalogue? These days I tend to flip through the catalogue and then order what I want online rather than search through the website but wonder of I’m missing out?



You’re missing out! I don’t bother with the catalogue now for that reason.

The printed details for specific offers are good, but if you’re doing a general search then go online.


I think there’s around 800 or so wines in the List, and then there’s up to 1,000 additional wines on our website which are too limited in quantity to be included in the List. So it’s well worth checking the website for our full list of available wines! :slight_smile:


There was a thread some time ago on what information should be available to new (and some old) members: should the answer to this question be on that list?


Thanks all

And yes, it should!


Every month there’s an offer with wines that are not on the printed 3 month list and that will be available for only around a month.

I 'spose one can consider the list as the ‘core’ wines, those that should be available for the 3 month life of that list.