How much do you "care" about wine?

I’ve just read this interesting article which I reckon quite a few of you lot would enjoy:

He basically asks how much you “care” about wine, when it comes to things like serving temperature, the right wine in the right setting, the right wine with the right food, and the right glassware.

I’ve always thought I was super easygoing about wine - I love it, but I’m not one to inflict my passion too much on less enthusiastic/knowledgeable friends and family… but now I’m not so sure! :see_no_evil:

Answering his questions…

What if they offer you a glass of cabernet sauvignon the minute you arrive at a party? Even if you love that wine style but know this is not the right time for it, would you shrug and say “sure”? Or would you ask what else is available?

I would ask what else was available, albeit very politely and saying it was just me being picky. :flushed:

Are you flexible, or will your night be ruined if you have to drink a light-bodied red before a full-bodied white?

Depends on the company, but I probably would suggest switching them :confused: But in a nice, trying to be helpful way! I hope…?!

If it [cabernet sauvignon] were served so cold that it frosted the glass would you shrug and sip it, or would you cup the glass in your hand and wait for the wine to rise to the proper temperature.

I would cup the glass to warm it up…

If someone poured you a really special wine in a juice glass, would you think of it as a missed opportunity?

YES! :rofl: Though I’m sure most of us here agree on that one.

Is the bar he’s set for the article fairly low or am I the wine-loving guest from hell? :scream:

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Fun article I thought…

I care a lot but not at the expense of friends…

Maybe my friends know me too well but no one has ever given me a glass of wine without asking what I would like first. I’ll happily drink a glugging wine out of a jiuce glass if its a barbie/picninc but can’t imagine a special wine being offfered without some kinf of wine glass to stick it in.

in restaurants however , a totally different matter. I regularly ask for a wine bucket in the summer for reds to get them up to temperature. If a red is too cold, I’ll leave it until it warms. If wine service is poor I’ll always point it out, thought to be fair not at Pizza express :slight_smile:


I can switch off my wine geek and just drink anything that’s put in front of me at a party. At a social event I’m more interested in the company and the chatter and the good times. I guess if I’m given a choice, I’ll give it some thought - but if someone else is pouring and handing out, it’s all good.

Also, I hardly know anyone who shares my winespotting hobby, so I’m just used to it being my dirty secret…!