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How much alcohol do you drink


Agreed. Am 41 this year and not ready by a long shot to give up on fitness (I run and climb), so the calories are as much an issue as the alcohol. My typical consumption at the moment is a bottle per week drunk at the weekend (unfortunately, this typically low volume hinders the development of my palate). Last weekend was not typical though!


Just enough not to upset my daily input of beneficial chemicals…je pense !!!


It’s a fine balance to strike, no doubt! :wink:
Nice to see you again, @onlyawino :+1:


Good to see you Inbar :grinning:


I would say I generally drink a bottle of wine a week sometimes two if my wife helps me. I supplement that with the odd glass of whisky. I do as I expect everyone does have some heavy weeks but I rarely drink wine on work nights unless it is at an organised tasting or something similar. I used to drink more but 2 young kids means I have less time to sleep it off!


Copy paste Mike


I only drink on Friday-Sunday, my wife and I usually go through a bottle over the 3 days although I might also have a beer/ale of some sort and maybe a Whisky (TWS special 16 year old blended is amazing).


I wonder whether anyone owes up to drinking what public health people say is way too much, like me, at a bottle of wine per day. But then I know the evidence on health effects quite well, and that even the best research is prone to a lot of bias due to the fact that by nature it is observational research. A randomised trial that would give much more robust evidence is of course impossible. It seems nowadays to be politically very incorrect to state doubt about what the “experts” say about health effects of alcohol consumption.


Just read in the newspaper today that Ken Clarke MP, aged 76, admits to never having had an alcohol free day since he was a teenager! Now that is devotion to the cause.


Comes with the territory…remember Lord George Brown!


For me… generally 2 bottles a week, unfortunately that’s one bottle per night over the weekend. Wife and daughter don’t drink which makes enjoying my favourite tipple less of a shared experience than I would like. Don’t generally drink mid week, but will if on holiday or have something to celebrate… indeed have probably had 12 bottles over the last 3 weeks due to this, but that is very unusual. Now not planning to have any more until Friday & Saturday this week when we’re off to the New Forest for the weekend and will be out for meals. I also probably purchase more wine from the WS than one bottle per week plus gifting would account for, and already have to monitor their drinking windows carefully. Hoping to reign this back a bit going forward, but those EP offers keep tempting me. :slight_smile:


Don’t actually have a pattern to my drinking. I go through periods of abstinence and periods where I drink fairly regularly. If I have overdone it over two or three evenings I will take a break. I drank far more (too much!) in my 20’s and 30’s without having any addiction issues and without being a “difficult” drinker for the most part.

Enjoy sharing a bottle with my partner. This summer we have been drinking gin and tonic as an alternative and in the winter we occasionally have a Whisky or Rum. Beer and Cider are off the menu in general as we are both watching our calorie intake!

We have also got a number of half bottles from the wine society which help with our drinking flexibility.


Reading this topic always gives me a terrible thirst!


Typically 2 bottles a week plus 1 or 2 small beers. But every now and then, would get together with other wine lovers, and get through another 1.5 perhaps. Not too bad most of the time comoared with the old recommendations!

Actually the difficult bits of the guidelines are simultaneously not ever bingeing (with a very tight definition of binge), and yet having alcohol free days. If you stick to those rules you would naturally drink hardly anything. Personally I get my alcohol-free days, yet “binge”.


I drink 5 bottles a week, around 50 units, but feel fit and healthy enough. When I’m no longer capable of doing whatever I want to do, I’ll do something about it.

If I open a bottle it will inevitably be finished that evening. That said, it’s usually consumed with, or after food, over a period of 4 to 5 hours. I guess, maybe naively, that it gets processed more slowly by the body that way, it certainly feels like it, than say, necking 4 or 5 pints in short order.

There’s one word that always rings alarm bells when I read about stuff like this and it’s ‘average’. Maybe because I like to think of myself as a statistical anomaly !


Saw this in the telegraph newspaper. I wonder how they work this out?


Didn’t know that the Borisgraph bothered to verify the factual content of their stories any more?


You don’t have to verify fiction :wink:


On that note, a quick look at the OECD report itself shows the UK as broadly middle of the pack, behind France, Germany, Luxembourg to name but 3. The overall average is downward skewed by inclusion of Indonesia and Turkey with significant Muslim populations. Link here:

They do make a generalised reference to issues arising from excess alcohol consumption in the report, but focus more on misuse of opioids. Not to say that there isn’t a problem, but the Borisgraph is obviously trying to put fear into their core market. Don’t want them dying off too soon!