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How much alcohol do you drink


Hahaha to be fair that is a great name for a political party :joy:


Your “Brandy and Gin and Tonic” reminds me of my first holiday to Spain…the flight held up for hours and we finally arrived at the hotel at 3.30am, to be met by an extremely pleasant guy who offered us a drink before we were allotted our rooms .

What would you like senor ? Being a first time holiday maker on the continent, I replied Scotch and Ginger please. Couple minutes later one hi-ball glass brimming with half Famous Grouse and half Gordon’s Export. I downed it in three mini gulps and was up in time for dinner on the following day ( not northern dinner, tea-time)
Just to round off a booze sodden ten days , when we arrived at Luton, the Court Line DC10 was impounded , CL gone bust ! Apologies delete DC10 add Lockheed Tri-Star…


That is an interesting drink and I don’t think one that I could have. It was very decent of the Man in the Hotel to offer you a drink though.


Before i was married I tried making some home made wine. I made a gallon of wine from a boots wine kit. It was contained in a large glass Jar . I was supposed to put it into bottles. It never got into bottles .I found i was drinking it all the time even for breakfast. When i rather too quickly finished it all i didnt make any more.I could see the danger. I have a slight nervous disability which i find is helped by drinking. I once went to Memorial service in St Clements Dane and afterwards to a reception in The RAF club. There were lots of people and i was a bit nervous . There was masses of red wine and i drunk a lot. I soon felt better. The lesson for me at least is not to use wine as a crunch. So i enjoy a glass with a meal and vary occasionally i drink at a party But i never get drunk. My normal drinking is two bottles a week shared with my wife. I enjoy drinking and i enjoy life and i want to live as long as i healthily can


The problem about all this is that if someone likes drinking they always find reason to drink more than is safe. Its always possible to find someone who bucks the statistics . Statistically if you drink more than the health limits then you are more likely to die of cancer or some other nasty younger than you would otherwise do.
We share two bottles a week. Thats one bottle each. I occasionally have a one vermouth as an aperitif . I was talking to a friend about the wine Society . He asks how man bottles do we drink in a year. I said 100. He was astonished and said thats 2 a week. Another friend thought my consumption restrained.


But at least I’ll have fun in the mean time :relaxed:


I’m happy to obey the government healthy drinking limits as long as I can choose which government’s limits they are (I’m self declaring myself as Spanish for this particular case).


Its not a case of Obeying Government health guidelines. They are purely voluntary. If a person drinks to excessively and becomes ill they will almost certainly die before they would have done otherwise. In SPAIN more than 6.1% of deaths are due to over drinking.


Sorry should have put a smiley at the end of my not terribly serious post


I’m Australian (17.5 units per week) but live in the UK (14 units per week).
Which do i abide by? :thinking:
Answer, I’m Irish heritage so I like a drink!
Probably somewhere between the French and Spanish guidelines.
I might get drunk probably about 4-6 times per year and suffer from a hangover maybe once a year. Having a young child really isn’t worth having a hangover for.
I don’t like being drunk and despise a hangover so (usually) everything in moderation.


Ps being picky the 6.1% was 33 years ago. But the fact is alcohol mortality is consumption related once you get above the Spanish recommended level so the point still stands.


I haven’t drunk to excess (as far as I see it) since my early 30’s. My main concern at the moment is slimming down, so I need to make room for the calories. Have recently been buying half bottles, which is handy (a large glass each) and sustainable in this way.


I believe in drinking in moderation. I drink one bottle of wine a week and an occasional martini. on new year 1982 i drank 3/4 bottle of brandy . I was ill all the next day which was a public holiday. Never got drunk again. The following story is nothing to with drinking but its worth telling. When i was 21 i was on holiday walking in the Highlands climbing Munro’s. There were men there who smoked pipes I thought that it was a good idea so i purchased a pipe and some 3 nuns tobacco. I didn’t realise that pipe smokers dont inhale. I inhaled and the room went round . I was ill and everyone new and felt such a fool ,which i was. I never smoked again! In 2006 we went to South Africa for a holiday in January . It was there summer but i was run down and i got a chill. Flew back home at the end of the holiday to a Britain in the grip of a cold snap -sub zero temperatures. I ended up with a chest infection which deteriorated to pneumonia. I was taken into hospital . After some days they gave me a CT scan and found i had under the pneumonia a pulmonary embolism. The doctor asked if i have ever smoked . So i told him my smoking experience . He said my decision at 21 had probably saved my life. I think the lesson for drinking or anything else . Which do we love most Drinking or life?


I had a similar smoking aversion experience. I was in Israel in 1972 - 73, a volunteer on a kibbutz. El Al cigarettes were issued free of charge (if you wanted Time cigarettes you had to pay for them.) El Al were rough, much worse than gitanes or whatever. I overindulged for several months, haven’t smoked since.


Agreed. Am 41 this year and not ready by a long shot to give up on fitness (I run and climb), so the calories are as much an issue as the alcohol. My typical consumption at the moment is a bottle per week drunk at the weekend (unfortunately, this typically low volume hinders the development of my palate). Last weekend was not typical though!


Just enough not to upset my daily input of beneficial chemicals…je pense !!!


It’s a fine balance to strike, no doubt! :wink:
Nice to see you again, @onlyawino :+1:


Good to see you Inbar :grinning:


I would say I generally drink a bottle of wine a week sometimes two if my wife helps me. I supplement that with the odd glass of whisky. I do as I expect everyone does have some heavy weeks but I rarely drink wine on work nights unless it is at an organised tasting or something similar. I used to drink more but 2 young kids means I have less time to sleep it off!


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