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How much alcohol do you drink


So it’s time to ask the old chestnut, in light of the recent “if you drink any booze at all you will die sooner, if not soon”. How much do you think is too much on a regular basis and do you have some evidence yourself ? Asking for a friend


I once read something by Hugh Johnson in which he claimed to drink, on average, a bottle of wine (and a couple of sherries) a day. Given that Hugh is now fairly old, I have come to the entirely scientific conclusion that this is in no way detrimental to health, and am treating it as a target. Sadly, I’m only averaging about three bottles a week at the moment, but I do hope to improve upon this as funds allow.


Answering on behalf of a friend…

I try to make sure I consume the government recommended number of units, more often than not I exceed it.


Which government? Uk, Portugal, Spain?


You probably need to add about 50% to whatever anyone claims…or is that only when telling the doctor?

Having said that…

…I’m probably something similar on average; sometimes less, sometimes more.

I avoid the temptation to open a bottle just because I’ve had a crap day though - that strikes me as a few steps along the Road To Ruin…

…so I just find a different excuse instead :+1:


“Mines a Midas, every time, but hey, Doc, only 3 bottles a week”


Everything in moderation… :wink:
Sometimes moderation is a bit more, sometimes less. Just make sure it’s decent, worth it, memorable even.
Everyone can find reasons why someone should or shouldn’t do stuff. If you choose one thing over another then do it with good reason for you.
As someone who loves a glass of vino and is saving wines to savour in the future I have no interest in passing on too soon.
And yes, an extra glass of Plantagenet Saumur with my roasted ratatouille and chicken tonight… Mediterranean diet, of course.


By the old process of trial and error, me and the other half have reached the conclusion that 3 bottles of wine a week is good for us and keeps us excited, interested and looking forward to our next bottle. Obviously, we drink more on holidays and special occasions (today is one) and we love the odd aperitif/digestif, but for the day-to-day and a ‘normal’ week- this works well. :+1::wink:


So this is what I find interesting, the amount of wine consumed by our Mediterranean brothers and sisters… Do they binge shots of jager downed by wicked alcopops, finishing with flavoured vodka mixed with barrel bottom prosecco before hitting a kebab joint every weekend…! No I haven’t seen it and I don’t practice these binge fests either so I reckon @DrEm is spot on. Med diet and Med wine habits should ensure a long lived wine appreciating life! I’m up for that :+1:


One with lunch and two with dinner… (glasses, I think :blush:).


I concur with the everything in moderation / Mediterranean approach. Typically averages about 3 bottles a week between two of us. More when we’re entertaining, less when we’re not.

Quantity and quality have gone up over the last few years, which quite coincidentally correlates with me joining TWS…


This sentence is perfect. I now consider the matter closed.


As hinted at earlier, I suspect drinking because of a bad day or to improve your mood is likely to be more of a problem than a glass of two most days

I tend not to drink in the week unless out for dinner or traveling with work. Weekends can vary from quite light to quite heavy depending on circumstances but on average 2/3 bottles a week between the two of us sounds about right

I’ve heard it said that you should have one dry day a week, one dry week a month and one dry month a year. Not sure what that’s based on but life’s too short in my opinion :wink:


About half of 3-5 bottles a week, plus one or two beers on average. Try to have at least 2 dry days. Sometimes take a whole week off drinking.


Somewhat relieved to see so many of you also seemingly flout the UK guidelines… our (part-Italian) household also follows more Mediterranean guidelines. Moderation, and making sure we really enjoy what we’re drinking and savour it rather than using it to self-medicate :joy:

We probably do 3 bottles a week too, between us (more if socialising). We’re incredibly foodie people too - every meal is an occasion in our house - and so it seems natural to look forward to dinner time, and matching said dinner with a glass of something lovely on most days.


There was an interesting, related thread going some time back which made a few people think about their drinking habits (including me). It would be interesting to know if these change as we move into Spring and we get out and active more …

do we drink less because we are not stuck at home, … or do we drink more at weekends because we are having BBQs or parties with friends?


I’m at the 2-3 bottles a week on average, shared between 2 people - Consumed Friday and Saturday

I actually use alcohol principally for nerdy joy - I love tasting any new flavour and trying to understand what was behind that.

With regards to fitness - I kiiiiiiind of use it to keep me in check as to not take training too seriously. It does sound a bit dramatic perhaps, but the environment you train in matters hugely and surrounded by a lot of other obsessives of exercise and nutrition it can start to mess with your head about what you should be doing as person A, B and C is living like a monk and look how well they’re doing. So many of our crossfit box membership don’t drink, count their macros, use sleep apps to try and optimise their rest, use electronic pulse devices to aid recovery. You have to remind yourself that you’re not aiming to be a pro athlete and you’re just doing this for your health and general fitness - You can do this as well as you can, but what’s the point if you leave the gym and go home to something you don’t enjoy? Equally though i wouldn’t drink during the week as a rule as i don’t want to open a whole bottle just for me post-training and generally like to avoid leaving it overnight as it’s rarely as good 24 hours later - Hence a box of wine would be ace!

This is another excellent reason to buy less but better wine (or half bottles) - I generally go for a minimum of £10 a bottle and easily persuaded to trade up, not just because of price, but as you trade up generally it comes with a host of viticultural/wine making techniques that add cost on such as lower yields, oak maturation, drying grapes etc., which I do appreciate affects price.


We have decided to only drink on Friday/Saturday/Sunday - nothing during the rest of the week, we usually drink a bottle between us maybe 2 depending on food etc.


Interesting article here on the debate on weekly consumption guidelines…

N.B. The source may not be entirely neutral on the matter!


Generally share a bottle between 2 on each of Friday/Saturday/Sunday and little else the rest of the week.