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How many Society members do you know in real life?


Hello everyone!

I’m feeling curious. As this Community has grown, I’ve loved seeing so many of you bonding with each other, forming friendships both online and in person (meeting at tastings, going for lunch together, etc) and it’s obvious that member-to-member interactions is a fun and important part of Society membership, and you guys have loads in common! :smiley:

So I’m curious to know - how many of your fellow members do you know in real life? Whether family and friends who just happen to be members, or Society members you’ve formed friendships with either via local tasting groups, Society events etc.

  • I don’t know any other Society members
  • I know 1-5
  • I know 6-15
  • I know 15+ Society members

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And do most of the members you know also use/know about The Community? If not, would you consider encouraging them to join or not?

Personally, of course, I know loads - I work with them on a daily basis! :smile: Outside of work, I probably know a handful, and about two-thirds are on The Community so far.


Great topic @laura. I would say that out of all the members I know, hardly any use the community unfortunately despite my constant nagging at them :sweat_smile:.


We live in a very small community of 5 houses and 3 households are members - also have other friends who are members too but none are on the TWS community that I know of


Er, one: the other half’s sister’s fiancé’s stepfather. Now that’s what I call a tenuous family link.


6 (I remembered one more after clicking the ‘1-5’ button)

1 who recommended I join
2 I bought memberships for
2 I recommended
1 who became a member years ago and forgot about it, but has started buying again after I nudged him about it



I’ve bought or encouraged every member of my family to buy a share, so that’s 5 of us just for starters, then I’ve met so many of you wonderful people plus the Society staff … I’ve run out of fingers and toes


I don’t know anyone else in my life who has a membership, and I myself only joined in February. I’ve suggested it to a couple of friends and to one of my brothers in law, but none got one yet. I guess it would make a nice Christmas present to at least one of them…!

This probably doesn’t qualify as ‘know’ - but I was very happy to meet some members in person, which for me made this community just a bit less ‘virtual’ and more real - these were @MikeFranklin, @szaki1974, @robert_mcintosh, @Alex88, @AVI6, @Kent_wino, @HarrierTB. All lovely people! :blush::+1:


I know a couple of Society members but no other Community members. That said it’s just like one big happy family here anyway! (Well, most of the time) :wink:


So it’s around 15
1 who recommended I join TWS
1 who joined on my recommendation
1 old college friend who we are trying to ween off of Rioja
2 neighbours
3+ local wine club friend
1 member met thru purchase on Bid for Wine auction website
No family members yet, but I’m working on my daughter.
Plus the wonderful community members I’ve met thru lunches organised by @szaki1974.


Should I organise one for January?

I know 2, one I recommended TWS. The other is a work colleague, who has a similar sized cellar to me…


Outside of the community no one and only @Inbar met in person which was lovely. I don’t even have any other (serious) wine drinking friends; just a few who pick up cheap supermaraket plonk and frankly scorn my interest as a lot of fuss over wine that they consider only differs from theirs in price. Ho hum.


I know a couple locally and met one amongst the other nine people on a recent Esplora wine and food tour of Sicily. I don’t think any of the others are in the community but may be wrong!


AFAIK only know the odd one or two other Society members, and their interest in wine is far nearer the friends of @MikeFranklin mentioned above than those on the community.

Also know a couple of folk who work at TWS but unless they’re lurking in disguise I don’t think they’re on here either!


I would think end of January/February for next gathering of the clans.
I think a poll on lunch or dinner is probably called for.


I agree! End of Jan/early Feb might be financially more forgiving after Christmas expenses :wink:
Dinner sounds a great option. Could do it in Brighton, as a change…? We need a poll, as you say! But not a referendum.


Oh Lord, how could I forget others I met?!!.. The lovely and friendly @Ewan (whom I met twice), @laura (who popped in especially to say hello when I was in the showroom), the gentlemanly and knowledgeable @Nowt_in_my_glass with whom I had such a fun press tasting in June, and @Tim_S, who has been welcoming and warm on three tastings…!
Early onset of dementia on my part!! :grimacing:


Wow, that’s a lot of responses! And fascinating to hear that two-thirds of you know members outside of this Community. And loads of you appear to have not only been signed up by friends but gone on to sign up others which is lovely to see.

In the spirit of that word-of-mouth recommendations, would anyone like to encourage some of your member friends who don’t use the Community yet to join up? It’s a friendlier way to join a forum if you’re invited by someone you already know. :slight_smile:

nods enthusiastically :smile:

You were my first Community member I’d ever met! :smiley: Thank you for letting me briefly gatecrash your Society lunch! :grin:


Aw bless you @Inbar, well it’s easy to be a gent when you have a lady who keeps subliminally steering you towards delicious sherry!


This approach had totally failed to work on the other-half… ah well! Can’t win them all! :wink:


I.know three.
One in Bristol, though we were at school together
One in Tooting…Son-in-law
One in Altrincham…#1 son
Prospects of #2 son getting a share for Christmas