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How many bottles do you have at home?


I’m seriously thinking of doing “the dash”!


I buy mine in Brighton:



Excellent ! so I have all of March to ‘make room’ in the wine rack. That 2011 Cahors is going to have to go…


go on…you know you want to !

No trip to Montreuil any more though :(. so headed to Le Touquet for lunch and a wonder than back up for the shopping…the exchange rate is going to get a nose bleed, it’s not been this high for years !


I just have a massive journey south to do first :see_no_evil:


thanks…will have to remember that for when i’m on the south coast next

ps 18 euros in france


it’s got a gold badge! brilliant - many thanks - I love older Cab Franc.


staged journey - stopping in say the stevenage area …


Indeed… But cheaper to walk to Queens Park, Brighton :wink:


It’s such a lovely Cab Franc! It’s my other half’s favourite grape! Only got two of these at home, though… :confused:


it’s mine too!!

I’ve some olive, echo and crescendo. going back to 2003 / 5 and 9

if I make it to a lunch I will bring one


Picked some up in Chinon :wink:


Why not? It is worth the trip to go to Froggy’s Tavern! :wink:


great pic !

Have you been to their site in town ? we prefer it to the tasting room up on the hill


No didn’t realise there was one! But I know now thanks James.




you want Les Caves Couly-Dutheil


atm 19 bottles and one half.


confused by the question. “on hand”
Do you mean wines that are at peak drinking or need drinking up or just how many wines you have in total ?


I’ve never really counted. I keep some in the garage, some in the pantry. There’s usually one in the tummy.


Just run out. First post. An emergency. My last bottle this evening was a bottle of 3C which was probably left over from a Christmas party order. OK with a sirloin and chips. Enjoying the community, I’ll delve deeper in time. :slight_smile: