How many bottles do you have at home?

I’m seriously thinking of doing “the dash”!

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I buy mine in Brighton:


Excellent ! so I have all of March to ‘make room’ in the wine rack. That 2011 Cahors is going to have to go…

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go on…you know you want to !

No trip to Montreuil any more though :(. so headed to Le Touquet for lunch and a wonder than back up for the shopping…the exchange rate is going to get a nose bleed, it’s not been this high for years !

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I just have a massive journey south to do first :see_no_evil:

thanks…will have to remember that for when i’m on the south coast next

ps 18 euros in france

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it’s got a gold badge! brilliant - many thanks - I love older Cab Franc.

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staged journey - stopping in say the stevenage area …

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Indeed… But cheaper to walk to Queens Park, Brighton :wink:


It’s such a lovely Cab Franc! It’s my other half’s favourite grape! Only got two of these at home, though… :confused:

it’s mine too!!

I’ve some olive, echo and crescendo. going back to 2003 / 5 and 9

if I make it to a lunch I will bring one


Picked some up in Chinon :wink:


Why not? It is worth the trip to go to Froggy’s Tavern! :wink:

great pic !

Have you been to their site in town ? we prefer it to the tasting room up on the hill

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No didn’t realise there was one! But I know now thanks James.


you want Les Caves Couly-Dutheil

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atm 19 bottles and one half.

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confused by the question. “on hand”
Do you mean wines that are at peak drinking or need drinking up or just how many wines you have in total ?

I’ve never really counted. I keep some in the garage, some in the pantry. There’s usually one in the tummy.


Just run out. First post. An emergency. My last bottle this evening was a bottle of 3C which was probably left over from a Christmas party order. OK with a sirloin and chips. Enjoying the community, I’ll delve deeper in time. :slight_smile: