How many bottles do you have at home?

When I got my cellar it was more like a TARDIS. I can remember many a happy hour spent inside at 13° on a hot sunny day. Now I can’t even get a foot in it.


Whats the point in having so many bottles at home? If you run a company and do a lot of entertaining i can see the point. However if you are an ordinary mortal like me who only drinks the equivalent of one bottles a week by sharing two bottles with my wife, theres no point in having more than a dozen bottles at any one time.

Aaah, but there are some Extraordinary folk here who may infact believe it or not drink more than that! Also, there are the folk who like to impromto party and like to be stocked up, then there’s the folk with thirsty friends who like to drop by once a week. So having more than 12 bottles would be a travesty :wink:


I only have about half a dozen, as I don’t have much storage space for them currently. Planning to buy a wine rack very soon though, which will solve that problem!


… and don’t forget about the folk that just love to build up collections they can drink, or not, whenever they like. For many it’s a hobby that you can only really enjoy if you have the wine at home. :yum:


I can’t imagine surviving with just twelve bottles.

You need some fizz for starters, then some summer white, a couple of richer whites, then there’s pinot style reds and some big rich reds. How do you know which you’ll need and when. This doesn’t cover pink or sweet wines. And certainly doesn’t enable a range of style or quality.


I have quite a few bottles at home (maybe around 100) and I do so for two reasons. One, I have the space and so don’t really want to pay for storage costs elsewhere. And two it means I always have a nice big selection to choose from when I want to open a bottle of wine.

Whilst I’m away in France (as at the moment) I don’t have space and only keep a maximum of half a dozen bottles and this means that sometimes when, say, I fancy a bottle of Bordeaux I just don’t have one :frowning:


I believe most of us have a case of this too :sweat_smile:


@JD1892. Think you’ve hit the nail pretty well!

I think I have this in multiple case quantities :grinning:

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I have about 60- 80 bottles at any one time . I buy some for short term keeping and like to have some any-day, some weekend and some special occasion wines. I like a wide range of styles and its nice to always have something that will go with the food you eat. Always something new to try and old favourites to replace after drinking!

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Cellartracker tells me I have 80 bottles in the house, and yet the funny thing is I can never seem to find anything to drink :thinking:


I have 33 at the moment. I’m still in the novice phase of my wine journey so finding my feet with styles etc. Nothing too pricey as I don’t have the knowledge or pallette for finer wines. It’s mostly Rhone/Rioja/Sicilian with a few random ones in there.


I understand that I am like that with books. However if you drop a book its not broken.

I suffer from FOMOOW…

When I read, for example, that 2001 was a fine vintage in Rioja and TWS release CVNE Reserva from that year…What am i to do? Although my cup of wine already runneth over… I’m afraid it’s just going to have to runneth even more. I can’t help myself.

I bought a wine fridge 6 months ago (144 bottles) I thought I’d have space…Schoolboy error. It’s like the new fourth lane on a motorway, it fills up before you know it.

This community is responsible. I’ve started to send cases to members reserves rather than miss out on your recommendations. It’s a short term solution though. they’re all coming home at some stage. I can’t wait.


Somewhere between ‘more than enough’ and ‘time to get another order in’. So lets call it 96 bottles (ish).

The problem is that many are not quite ready to drink (some wont ever be decent)… and a few are too good to drink. So in terms of actual ready to drink stock…less than 24? and surely that is a precarious position. There, I’ve argued myself around to ‘time to get an order in’. Especially pre Brexit whilst I still can afford it.

I’m thinking about Cru Beaujolais - cant go wrong there. And some Chinon. Some more of the excellent white Rioja as advised by the helpful salesgirl in Stevenage the other weekend.


three cracking areas! Did buy some Chinon last week…little partial to Couly Dutheil Echo


There’s a cru Beaujolais offer coming apparently in April so keep your eyes peeled :eyes::wink::+1:!

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go on… where do I get that in the UK? - better be quick before the tarifs get slapped on

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Leclerc Boulogne :frowning:

did a pre-brexit dash for essentials…

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